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This section is a work in progress. There are many more pirates than what's listed here, and if you know of some, please add them in. Info that hasn't had quality confirmation yet have been marked with a question mark (?).

Pirates travel as either Loners or in Parties of 5.

In the table below, Level Multiplier refers to the relative strength of the pirate to the enemies on the particular floor of Item World when you encounter them. For example, if the level of the enemies on the current floor are 11+ and an Ambling Pirate appears, he should be in the neighborhood of Lvl 90.

Name Class Loner / Party Level Multiplier Floors Encountered Notes
X Prinny Pirate Prinny Loner 5 any If you throw him for an easy kill (explodes), you won't get his treasure map.
Ambling Pirate Criminal Loner 8 any Incredibly strong but usually lacks any special attacks. Trap him behind geo symbols if you can, and slowly kill him from a safe distance.
Bashful Pirates Skull Party 2 any {(n/a)}
Orc Pirates Orc Party 3 any N/A
Chicken Pirate Cockatrice Loner 2 any Always come with 6 chests that are rare and/or legendary.
Monk Pirates Geomancer Party 2 (?) 11+ These guys remove items from your Bonus Gauge on any round that they aren't actively engaged in a fight. Between the five of them, they can wipe your gauge nearly clean in just two rounds (annoying!).
Wealthy Pirates Magic Knight Loner 5 21+ This pirate usually appears with legendary items equipped to it.
Dancing Pirates Archer Loner 3 21+ Comes with 2 Specialists on board the ship.
Gate Pirates Dragon Party ? 30+ Two holy dragons and two regular dragons. They come with two gates - one takes you to the next boss (next floor number that's a multiple of 10) and the other to a mystery room
Hunter Pirates Heavy Knight Loner ? 40+ One Heavy Knight with a 1000+ level and 4 random specialists with a level between 350 and 380.
Jolly Pirates Succubus Party ? 40+ The Jolly Pirates consist of two Alraunes, two Nekomatas and a Succubus captain. They have the lowest spawn rate of all other Pirates and may appear more frequently in Muscle items.
Red Pirate Party 10(?) 50+
Ninja Pirate Party 2 50+ 11 ninjas (10 same level as the stage level and 1 twice the level). Pretty easy to kill because they are standing in rows of five.
Z Pirate Majin Loner 30(?) 60+ Ludicrously strong, usually has no weapon but may have some magic.
Animal Pirate Party 2 40+ Beast Master and 4 Hell hounds.
Prism Pirate Party 2.5(?) 40+ Not so dangerous as they always buff their own prism teammates.

Mystery Rooms[edit]

Mystery gates have a high chance to appear at random, starting after every three Floors from the last time a gate appeared. This counter is accumulative regardless of whether a Floor is completed or not, and is universal to all Item Worlds. An example might help: If you return from a Mysterious Room on Floor 6 of an item, clear that and the next floor, and Gency out on Floor 8, there is a chance a Mysterious Gate will appear the next time you enter item world.

Name Class Sells Notes
Black Merchant Zombie Bribery items (Gold Bars, Chloroform, Medicine, etc.) Some handy stuff that can't be gotten easily elsewhere. Never buy bombs. They're useless.
Cellphone Store Prinny Cell phones Avoid anything related to Zelenski Financial (cost around 700 HL but only give you 500 HL) or "Who knows what will happen?" (nothing ever happens) If talked to six times after leaving the store, they'll attack you. Then again, it's just a Prinny. Toss it and you win.
Magical Manager Blue Mage Mana Potions Instead of HP, these potions give mana. You can use Dieticians and Item World leveling to increase their effectiveness substantially.
Merchant Doll Weapons and Armor Many items in this store will be rare or legendary. The rank of items in the store will be based on the rank/floor of the item, not your Customer Rank. Sometimes has some really nice stuff, if you can afford it - giving you a decent reason to go into the item world with a full bank account.
Space Galaxy Department Store Archer All of the Above Stores in One This room has all four of the folks listed above standing behind the Archer. Enjoy! Talk to the Archer four times at ANY point during your visit and the entire group will attack you. The Archer is almost always better-equipped than her colleagues.
Scroll Shop Sinner Weapon scrolls This room has the lowest chance to come up when entering a Mystery Room, but the Sinner here sells Weapon scrolls, which can help when customizing your characters. (Weapon scrolls help with proficiencies, like the Armsmaster specialist.)

Miscellaneous Rooms
Name Class Effect Notes
Hospital Flora Beast Hospital It heals your teammates just as it did in the Innocent world. This room is quite common.
Fortune Teller Druid Random chance of item level increase or decrease If you're not the gambling sort then don't even talk to this guy. He can sap 3 levels from your item in a heartbeat, and there is another way to gain levels (the Surrounded Room listed below). If talked two four times after you get your Fortune, he'll attack you. Defeating him gains you some Item Levels.
Rip Off Bar Empusa Fills next bonus gauge by 2 You can either pay her 10,000 HL or sacrifice gratuitous amounts of HP/SP (nearly 50% from everyone in your party). Talk to any of them three times after their service and they'll attack you.
Lone Hunter Heavy Knight Two free items Just get to take his stuff. No fights, gimmicks, or strings attached!
Orc Troupe Orc Two free items Same as above, but Orc-flavored.
Painter Holy Dragon Changes jobs to look like their unlocked tier (excluding special characters) Nothing much to it, just changes the clothing color. Use it if you don't like your current character's color. In Dark Hero Days, accessing the Painter 10 times unlocks a Bill in the Dark Assembly that unlocks a Painter in the hub that will perform the same service, but for a fee.
Collector Ghost / Marionette / Orc Collector Specialist He joins your item as a Collector, and you won't even have to subdue him.
Treasure Chests N/A One to three items. A few chests to open up. No surprises here.

Combat-Oriented Rooms
Name Description Strategy
Surrounded Defeat enemies in 2 rounds to increase item's max level by 3. You'll appear in the middle of a group of seven (7) clones of a particular creature class. Talking to any of them will send you into battle. Six of the clones will be in pairs. The seventh stands by itself and is 50% higher level than the others, so always take that one out first. You can make your fight a wee bit easier by getting your opponent to turn his back to your BasePanel: When you talk to the clone, do so from its back-side, and it will turn around to face you.
Treasure Keeper Fight a dragon and take his treasure This is a dragon that guards one to three treasure chests. Talking to the dragon will initiate the fight. Make sure to target and destroy the chests in battle. You don't get anything for just killing the dragon.

Pranny the Prinny[edit]

Pranny is a Prinny who appears at random in Innocent Towns and offers to play a game of hide-and-seek with you, of sorts. Find him a total of 10 times and he gives you a reward. There are no shortcuts to finding him - just keep leveling items and going through Innocent Towns until he crops up. Pranny's seek count does not carry over through the end of a cycle, so you must find him all 10 times during the span of a single run through Story Mode.