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Subpoenas are special tickets that are awarded to the player upon fulfilling certain conditions by talking to the Red Mage standing next to the Dark Assembly Knight (or near the Director if in Axel Mode). "Crimes" are usually in the form of leveling their characters to certain stat points, starting a new cycle, or defeating certain enemies.

Bailiffs and the Item World[edit]

Upon receiving a Subpoena, the item will contain a Bailiff. The number next to the Bailiff will determine what floor of the Item World the Dark Gate is on. The Bailiff is considered a subdued specialist and can be transferred to any other item if needed. This is useful for leveling your equipment and gaining Felonies at the same time.

To receive your Felonies, you must enter the Item World of the Subpoena (or the item that the Bailiff was transferred to). Once there, you must fight your way to the floor specified and enter the Dark Gate to receive your Felony. You will then have to fight your way to the Item's next boss, and either continue deeper or exit the Item World will Either a Mr. Gency Exit, or talking to the Dimensional Guide.


Felonies break this game wide open. Upon receiving Felonies, a Character's EXP gain will increase by the amount of Felonies gained. Once a Character has achieved 300 Felonies, they can gain Thousands of levels in little time due to the EXP Bonus granted by Felonies. Any character that you intend to use in the Post-Game should be given 300 Felonies as quickly as possible. Felonies also influence the Item and Dark Assemblies. Bills pass much more easily if a high-felony character proposes them than if a clean and pure character proposes.


If you are unhappy with your Felonies for any reason, you can Reincarnate by entering the Dark Assembly and choosing "Reincarnate to Make Up for Sins." This will reset your Felonies to Zero, but any EXP bonuses gained from the Felonies prior will NOT be erased. In fact, this is a sure-fire way to keep track of the 300 Felony goal. You can gain 100 Felonies, (Will still show up as 99 on character's statistics) Reincarnate to reset the counter, and repeat the process until you have the maximum amount of Felonies. If Reincarnating with a Main character, Simply propose the bill mentioned above. Approval is not needed. If using a created character, you will have to Reincarnate into a Prinny in order to reset your Felony Count. Simply select "Reincarnate into a Prinny to Make up for Sins," then choose what tier of Prinny to change into, and your'e done. Again, approval is not needed.

Felonies and the Dark World[edit]

If a character with Felonies is used while in a Dark World stage in either Normal Mode or Axel Mode, they must take care not to use the "Ascend" command. If they ascened, the amount of Felonies they have will increase the levels of the enemies by the amount of Felonies involved. Note that when a character with two Felonies Ascends, all enemies will have their levels increased by two.