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Control Action
Neutral dpad or Neutral lstick
  • Move cursor
  • Move characters
Cross button
  • Enter
  • Send message
  • Battle command
Circle button
  • Cancel
  • Jump
Triangle button
  • Menu
  • Skip demo
Square button
  • Change status screen
Square button+Neutral dpad
  • Change direction character is facing
Neutral rstick
  • Toggle Displays:
  • Characters: Parameter/Equip]
  • Item status: Innocent Info/Status
  • Map: Show/Hide Geo-Panels
L1 button
  • Rotate map to the left
R1 button
  • Rotate map to the right
L2 button
  • Zoom in/out on map
  • Scroll down on item list
R2 button
  • Speeds up message display
  • Moves cursor to characters that have not moved
  • Skips battle scenes