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The game uses a simple preset list of passwords, each skipping ahead to a specific level. After clearing each level, the next password is displayed before moving on to the next level.

Level Password
The Cave of Wonders Genie Abu Aladdin Sultan
Escape from the Cave of Wonders Jafar Abu Jasmine Genie
Inside the Genie's Lamp Genie Jafar Aladdin Abu
The Pyramid Abu Aladdin Genie Jasmine
A Whole New World Jasmine Jafar Sultan Jasmine
Jafar's Palace Jafar Jasmine Aladdin Jafar
Final Battle Aladdin Jasmine Abu Sultan

Level Select[edit]

Aladdin SNES level select.png

The game has a hidden more fine grained level select. Go to the options screen and, on the second controller, quickly press L Button R Button Start Button Select Button X Button Y Button A Button B Button. If entered correctly a chime will sound. Go back to the title screen and use the Neutral Dpad while holding L Button or R Button to select the level.