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Both Kim and Ron have access to an arsenal of gadgets that can be selected and used at any time. However, only one gadget can be used at a time, so know what to use when. Also, not all of the gadgets are available right away, so once you acquire them, you'll want to go back to earlier levels and explore areas you couldn't reach before.

Kim Possible[edit]

  • Grappling Hook
    Kim’s standard grapple can allow her to swing from anything and is by far, the item you’ll use the most while playing her. This is even more useful in allowing her to cross wide chasms than her Somersault Jump. With enough training, players will be able to use her to swing from ceilings with ease.
  • The HoloKim
    While this handy little gadget can distract enemies temporarily, it has only one real function. It’s primarily meant to distract Dr. Drakken’s BeBeBots, Ver. 1.0 so Ron can defeat them. Work fast though. The HoloKim can only be used for a limited amount of time.
  • Boomerang Comb
    This is a weapon that can be used offensively, but it doesn’t do a whopping amount of damage. However, it can be used to deactivate switches that are either too far away or are blocked.
  • Sonic Mines
    In this game, Ron is your primary demolitions expert when it comes to walls, but there are some blockades in the game that even he can’t get through, which is where Kim’s sonic mines come in. Use them to help you explore.

Ron Stoppable[edit]

  • Rufus
  • Rocket Boots
    Like Kim’s Grappling Hook, this is the item you’ll end up using the most with Ron. It allows him to make better jumps than Kim to access higher areas and it doesn’t require as much training to use. Use this item as much as possible to make Ron’s travels a lot easier.
  • Inflatable Raft
    This is a useful little item that serves a couple of purposes. While it can reflect certain attacks, it’s also useful to Kim. There will be times in the game when Kim will have to make big jumps. But since she doesn’t have the benefit of Ron’s Rocket Boots, by holding the raft over his head, Ron can serve as a makeshift trampoline for her. Be quick though, because Ron can only have the raft out for a limited period of time.
  • Diablo Sauce
    First he’s a monkey, now he’s a dragon. Throwing back a packet of this will allow Ron to blow a stream of fire. This can be used to melt down ice walls in the game as well as give any henchmen a world class hot foot. But take care. Using the Diablo Sauce will put Ron out of breath and leave him vulnerable for a few seconds. So if you’re going to use it offensively, make sure there are no other enemies lying in wait to clobber you afterwards.


  • Rocket Skates
    This item can be used by either Kim or Ron, but only at key points in the game. And it's really more of a mini game than anything else. Using the Rocket Skates allows Kim and Ron to jet through specific areas, but the way is littered with water holes, thorns and enemies. The key to surviving is knowing the terrain. Knowing when to jump, when to duck and when to attack. After clearing these areas, return to Global Justice for even more tracks to skate through. See if you can beat your best time.