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These mini games are primarily used to open doors in the game for exploration and only Rufus can unlock them. But after you've unlocked them, you can play them in the special Mini Games Section. There are only a few of them and they're hardly difficult, so when you encounter one, you should have no trouble completing them on the first try. But even if you fail, you can always try again.

Ancient Puzzle[edit]

Fill in the shape shown on the screen using the geometric tiles provided. These tiles can be turned around to ensure they fit in their proper place. Of course, since the shape is outlined, you'll know exactly what tiles to put where, so it's not exactly a challenge.

Fit the Steel Door[edit]

A steel door is slowly closing. The only way to win is by using Rufus to turn the three wheels so that the shape of the base fits the grooves in the door (curve, square or triangle). Match the base to the door to unlock the area

Color Combination[edit]

This is by far, the toughest of the mini games, but still not all too challenging. a locked door requires a sequence of three specific colors to open the locks. You have three colors to choose for each lock (red, yellow and green) and you only have three chances to get the combination right. The combination could be any of these three colors, but there is a way to win. When you attempt to open the door, lights will flash over each lock to indicate which colors are correct. If a lock doesn't have a light flashing over it, you know a different color is needed. One trick is to try opening the door right off the bat. At least one of the locks will already have the right color on it, so knowing which colors are right will help you correct the ones that are wrong.