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DTO toontowncentral.JPG

Toontown Central is your beginning point once you create a new Toon. It is home to some of the weakest Cogs in the game. The Cogs here range from levels 1 to 3, so it's a piece of cake taking them down. There are barely any Cog Buildings here, and many Toons populate each district, so you might want to try another neighborhood.

Toontown Central

Four other neighborhoods can be accessed from Toontown Central:

  1. Donald's Dock, from Punchline Place.
  2. Daisy Gardens, from Silly Street.
  3. Minnie's Melodyland, from Loopy Lane.
  4. Goofy Speedway, from the big tire near the clothing ticket.

Loopy Lane

DisneysTTO LoopyLane.png

Punchline Place

DisneysTTO PunchlinePlace.png

Silly Street

DisneysTTO SillyStreet.png


Fish Rarity
All Star Fish Ultra Rare
Amore Eel Rare
Balloon Fish Common
Bull Dog Fish Extremely Rare
Cat Fish Very Common
Circus Clown Fish Common
Clown Fish Very Common
Cutthroat Trout Common
Devil Ray Ultra Rare
Dog Fish Common
Electric Amore Eel Very Rare
Five Star Fish Common
Grape Peanut Butter & Jelly Common
Holey Mackeral Extremely Rare
Hot Air Balloon Fish Common
King Crab Common
Nurse Shark Rare
Party Clown Fish Common
Peanut Butter & Jelly Very Common
Piano Tuna Rare
Pool Shark Common
Puppy Dog Fish Common
Red Balloon Fish Rare
Rock Star Fish Rare
Rocking Sea Horse Common
Sad Clown Fish Very Common
Sea Horse Common
Shining Star Fish Rare
Star Fish Very Common
Weather Balloon Fish Extremely Rare