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The controls for the game are quite similar to many games (not including ones with cars) but there are also Doggy Do moves and Beg moves that can be learned throughout the game.

Game controls[edit]

Control Action
Neutral lstick Move Jake
Neutral rstick Move the camera
Square button Bark (hold to growl)
Triangle button Smellovision (press again for normal mode)
Circle button Action (press button, talk, etc.)
Cross button Jump
Control Action
Start button Pause the game
Select button Options menu
R1 button Sniff (bone status/nearest scent)
L1 button Not used
R2 button Rotate camera behind Jake
L2 button Close up of Jake
Neutral dpad Doggy Do moves

Doggy Do Moves[edit]

Some Doggy Do moves can be done at the start of the game, whereas the Beg tricks can only be done after learning them in a Doggy Do challenge.

Basic moves
D-pad direction(s) Doggy Do move
Down dpad Sit
Down dpad Lie down (twice if standing)
Left dpad + Right dpad + Left dpad Shake
Up dpad Stand (twice if lying down)
Left dpad + Right dpad + Down dpad Fart or poo
Left dpad + Down dpad + Left dpad Pee left
Right dpad + Down dpad + Right dpad Pee right
Beg tricks
D-pad directions Beg number Location learned
Left dpad + Right dpad + Up dpad Beg 1 Farmhouse
Right dpad + Down dpad + Up dpad Beg 2 Watermill
Left dpad + Up dpad + Down dpad Beg 3 Ski Slope
Left dpad + Left dpad + Right dpad Beg 4 Mountain Slide
Left dpad + Down dpad + Up dpad Beg 5 Park