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Free the dogs![edit]

This is probably the single most difficult level in the entire game. After seeing the cutscene with Wayne, Dwayne and The Dog Catcher, you play the level being chased by The Dog Catcher's Doberman non-stop until you free the other dogs. You will see that the Dalmatian from the Watermill level, the Pug from the Chicken Farm and the Boxer from the Café level are all locked up in cages. You will then see that there are three keys dotted around the area. The first key is along the path going around the area where the dog cages are.

Going around the level in SOV, you'll see there aren't any scents to collect.

To escape The Dog Catcher's dog, you can jump off the path and onto the road. The Dog Catcher's dog cannot jump, so he has to run round to the end of the path to get anywhere near you. When you jump off, stay near the path and wait until the Doberman has nearly gotten there before turning around and going the other way. Otherwise, he might go the other way and crash into you, and you'll be caught. If you get caught at any point in this level, you'll have to start again, and any dogs you freed will be back in their cages.

So take the first key back to the cages, and run past them until one opens and a dog escapes. Now the second key is by the trees, to the left of the gap in the fence. Pick it up, and you may need to run all the way around the path on the outside of the cage area to get back to the entrance without getting caught by the Doberman. Run around the cages, and one of them will open. The last key is a little more difficult to get. Go out through the gap in the fence (remember to avoid the Doberman) and go onto the path or the road. When you get to a road that goes off the road going round the cage area, go up it. Whatever you do, do not stop to dig up the bone. At the end of the road, you will come to Miss Peaches' house. The key is next to it.

If the Doberman is far enough behind, pick up the key and wait at the edge of the small drop going from Miss Peaches' house to the road. When the Doberman reaches the end of the road and turns towards you, jump off the edge of Miss Peaches' "garden" and go around back to the cage area. Go past the last cage with a dog inside, and that dog will be free. The Dog Catcher will say that he is going to quit his job and pursue his lifelong dream of programming computer games. He will then tell his Doberman (who is called Killer) to guard the entrance to Miss Peaches' place.

Free bones![edit]

Free all the dogs from their cages.

Now you will be safe to wander around the level, because the Doberman isn't a threat. There are bones on almost all the dog cages (that's five bones and you didn't have to help anyone!), so eat them then go along the path outside the cage area, and you will find another bone that has been buried. Use SOV to find it. There is also a bone near the trees, so pick it up. If you switch to SOV and go to the road leading to Miss Peaches' place, you will see that there's a bone buried there too. The final bone of the game is inside a bin behind Miss Peaches' house.

Go into the dog kennel to save the game, eat the food in the dog bowl if Jake is going slowly or just for the sake of it, and go up to the Doberman. Because you should now have 125 bones, and he only has 90, Jake will growl and the Doberman will run off. Go through the door to Miss Peaches' house, and you will arrive at the Finale level.