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Try begging from people on High Street.

Certainly one of the coldest places in the game, Lake Minniwahwah is a ski resort, with a café, a ski slope, a hotel, High Street, and even a mountain or two! Though Wayne doesn't like all the snow, it's good for snowball fights and building snowmen - apparently there's a snowman contest near the ski slope. Keep in mind that snow makes your health drop faster than in Clarksville and Boom City. Dogs are disappearing here too, so watch your step or you could become one of them!

Local dogs[edit]

  • Café:Boxer
  • Ski Slope: Weimaraner
  • High Street:Husky
  • Mountain Tops: Bull Mastiff
  • Mountain Slide:St. Bernard
  • Hotel: Pixie FrouFrou (Miniature Pinscher)

Lake Minniwahwah, unlike Clarksville and Boom City, has no American flag in any of its levels. This could mean that Lake Minniwahwah is in Canada, because it stays cold and snowy while Clarksville and Boom City are in a more "summer" phase.