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Boulders, Bernards and a man[edit]

Take the map to the cable car man's brother.

In this level, one of the first things you'll see (and feel because the controller will be shaking if you've turned vibration on) will be the gigantic boulders falling down the mountain. You have to avoid them or you'll appear back at the start of the level and Jake will walk slower. Now the first bit of the boulders is quite easy; all you have to do is keep to the right. After the ledge bit where you aren't anywhere near the boulders, it gets a bit tricky. You have to try and go from the right side to the left without getting squashed, and it's hard to see if any boulders are coming. If you stay at the left side of the tunnel, Jake will probably be squashed. Try and see where the boulders' paths are, and stay out of their way. Alternatively, you could use the cheat code to switch dogs. You can do this by entering the code during gameplay:

Square button Square button Square button hold Square button hold Square button hold Square button Left dpad Right dpad Down dpad

and selecting cheats from the options menu.

If you used the cheats, you are now in control of the local St. Bernard. If you didn't use the cheats you need to beat him at a Tug-O-War or digging challenge first. You will be in a little area at the far end of the level, with falling boulders. Just wait until one has gone past and there aren't any more coming for a while, and jump up onto the ledge near where the boulders are coming from. You will see a man there. If you go near him, the St. Bernard will revive him and Jake will appear next to him. The man will ask you to take his helmet (with a map inside) to his big brother, the cable car operator (from the Mountain Tops level). When he's stopped talking, pick up the helmet and eat the bone next to it. Then go into SOV and you'll find a purple scent. Wait until a boulder has gone, and then run down the path, getting the scents along the way. Turn away and head towards the dog kennel and drop the helmet by the dog bowl.

St. Bernard
Dog's Life St Bernard.jpg
St. Bernards were bred for one purpose; mountain rescue. That's why you'll find him at the top end of the level (mind the boulders getting there!). If you have at least 35 bones, you can hopefully beat him in a digging challenge or Tug-O-War, and he can revive the man's brother. Now all you need to do is get him to the ledge...

Dangerous scents[edit]

Now try and get all the orange scents (if you haven't used the cheat code) without being squished. If you do get squished, you'll have to get past the boulders from the beginning of the level because the cheats are of no use now. If you have all eight orange scents, you'll be in a Tug-O-War with the St. Bernard. If you win, then a bone will appear in the dog bowl if you used the cheat to get past the boulders. If one appears there, do not eat it or you might get confused bone-wise. Instead, collect eight light blue scents which are mainly in the boulders' path. When following the path, don't go through the tunnel or you'll have trouble getting back. When you've gotten all eight blue scents, dig the trail of nine holes faster than the other dog. This time, you will see the cloud of smoke coming from the dog bowl, but no bone will appear. Eat the bone remaining in the dog bowl, dig up a bone opposite the ledge, and pick up the helmet.

Learn Beg 4[edit]

The four red scents are all in the boulders' path. Go slightly into the tunnel, and when you've gotten the fourth one you'll come back anyway.

Round 1 Beg 3, sit, stand Left dpad Up dpad Down dpad Down dpad Up dpad
Rounds 2 Bark, bark, bark, sit, bark, stand, bark Square button Square button Square button Down dpad Square button Up dpad Square button
Final Rounds Beg 3, sit, lie down, sit, stand, Beg 4 Left dpad Up dpad Down dpad Down dpad Down dpad Up dpad Up dpad Left dpad Left dpad Right dpad

When the St. Bernard shows you how to do Beg 4, the ground will shake. You have now learned Beg 4! Unfortunately, there's nobody to try it out on in this level, so wait until you go somewhere else.

Ledges full of bones and purple scents[edit]

Follow the trail of different scents in Smellovision.

Go as far as you can away from the tunnel without going into the boulders' path. Go into SOV and press R1 button. If Jake's nose points to the tunnel, you're okay to go that way. If he points somewhere else, you've missed a scent. Go and get it if you missed one or more, otherwise go towards the tunnel when there are no boulders too close behind you. Follow the trail of scents, trying to get them all, and when you come to the other end of the tunnel jump down to a ledge sticking out and safety. Now jump across to the other load of ledges sticking out, and you'll find plenty of scents here.

You'll also find plenty of bones. There are some buried, and some are just lying about. You can pick up the bones with the helmet on, but you cannot dig them up. Leave the helmet somewhere you'll remember to pick it up, and go get the bones and scents. When you're sure there are none left in this ledge-y bit, pick up the helmet and go down the slope where you'll find some more purple scents, including one that goes out into the boulders' path. Get them all, and follow the boulders down to the bottom of the level, making sure you don't miss any scents. If you managed to get all 50, a bone will appear in the dog bowl.

Bone problems[edit]

You might have come across a problem now. You're at the bottom of the slope, and the bone is at the top. Simply use the cheats to switch dogs again, and use the St. Bernard to pick up the bone and take it down to Jake. Take the same route you did with Jake, and try not to get squished. When you get to Jake, drop the bone and bark to go back to controlling him. Now eat the bone and watch the fun as the local dog tries to walk up the cliff!

Or, if you're feeling brave, drop the helmet at the bottom of the level (near the trees so it's not near the boulders) and try and get back to the top. Do this if you're not willing to use the cheat code.

Return the helmet[edit]

Go to the Scrapbook (Start button) and make sure you've got every bone in the level. Then go through the tunnel back to the Mountain Tops level. Go back across the log, across the bridge, and to the cable car building. The man will take the helmet and exclaim "There's a map inside!" Then Jake will say "Good human, clever human." The man will say that he can call the rescue helicopter, and you'll see one flying over the Mountain Slide level. Then the man will say that he always carries a bone in his pocket in case a strange dog provides a vital clue that aides in a rescue. When he give you the bone, eat it and go into the kennel to save the game.

Now go back into the cable car to get back to High Street, go down the ramp, and turn left. Keep going along the road and you'll come to the Minniwahwah Hotel.