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Available buildings
  • 1x Caravan
  • 1x Farm
  • 1x Stable
  • 1x Barracks
  • 1x Garrison
  • 1x Ballista Tower
  • 1x House (410,000g)
  • 1x Ambush Trap
  • 1x Spike Trap
  • 10x Road?
  • 1x Library
  • 1x War Academy
New Wonders
  • Colosseum
  • Notre Dame
  • Terra Cotta Army
  • Forbidden City

Starting out[edit]

Build Order
*Alliance Gate if you haven't yet (30,000f; 5min)
  • New Caravan, Farm, and Barracks (instant)
  • Upgrade these new buildings to level 2 (15 minutes; less if you watch for the 5 minute remaining duration).
  • Upgrade one Marketplace and one Mill to Level 5 (40,000f and 40,000g respectively).
  • Upgrade the Marketplace to Level 6 (80,000f).
  • Upgrade Blacksmith to Level 4.
  • House (410,000g; 0 sec)
  • Library, then begin researching all available upgrades (e.g. Roadways ch 1 & 2, then Exploration, then Free Companies and Cast Iron)
  • Upgrade all available Barracks.
  • Upgrade Roads to level 3 (80,000f).
  • Upgrade all available Caravans to level 6.
  • Upgrade all available Farms to level 6.
  • War Academy
  • Clear forests
  • Upgrade Mercenary Camp
  • Build a Wonder (Forbidden City for securing medals, or Notre Dame for growth)
  • Defensive buildings
    • Spike Trap
    • Ambush Trap (40,000g, 0 sec, 1 worker)
    • Ballista Tower (
    • Stable (60,000g, 8hrs, 4 workers)
  • Upgrade Storehouse to level 2 (10,00g, 4 workers, 8hrs)
  • Upgrade War Academy (unlocks Disable)

When you arrive in the classical age, your first instinct may be to upgrade your units. Don't even try at this point! You will need to upgrade your mills and marketplaces before you can acquire enough resources to afford Classical Age upgrades. However, the first thing you should always do is focus on your primary basics: which buildings can be built instantly and for cheap? Which buildings will expedite your growth? In this case, build the new caravan, farm, and barracks. Upgrade each of them to level 2.

At the start of this Age you will be maxed out at 161,400 gold/food. A level 5 upgrade will add 120,000 maximum resources, so you will go up to a max of 281,400 by upgrading one of them. Upgrade one of each to start.

With a Level 5 Mill, you will now be able to afford unit upgrades, so upgrade your Blacksmith to Level 4. Recommended research order:

  • Horseman -> Cataphract (+600 HP!)
  • Warrior (Bushi) -> Next form (Samurai) (+Major damage; +HP, as these guys still take the brunt of your damage)
  • Heavy Horse Raider -> Cavalry Rider (+Major damage, ~16% HP boost)
  • Composite Bowman -> Archer (+minor damage and minor HP, ~25% increased food cost)
  • New: Wall Miner (can destroy 1 wall or gate up to level 6 or 7; deals 7,182 damage)

New combat techniques and offensive units[edit]

With the introduction of the War Academy and Wall Miners, you will now have new tactics available during battle. The War Academy lets you buy single-use abilities for 4k or 5k food. That means you should not use them in battle unless you are willing to spend that much for whatever combat attempt you are going for. For example, if the enemy only has 700food in storage, and you spend 4000food on a Barrage you used to get that 700, then keep in mind that you lost food during that attempt.

  • Wall Miners: these locate the nearest wall that needs to be destroyed and destroy it in a single attack. If the enemy has an outer wall that is out of range of a tower, send these in. Or send one in behind a Horseman/Cataphract.
  • Barrage: deals 425 damage to all enemy units and buildings within a small radius (about the size of a marketplace). Does not deal damage to your own units.
  • First Aid: pulses 3% HP restoration to all units within a large radius (about the size of a Town Center). This only helps Horsemen because of how slow the duration is. It will restore a maximum of 24% HP if the unit stays within the area the whole time.


During this Age you'll start to match up against opponents of vastly different strengths, (e.g. levels 10-99, Iron Age through Englightenment). You will have to pick your battles and strategies carefully.

If the enemy is weaker than you, then fully decimating them makes sense. If they are much stronger than you and you really need a particular resource that they have on the edge of their city, then send a few Heavy Horse Raiders in.

Note: without getting an award during battle you will result in a defeat and lose glory. So choose between slowly gaining glory or quickly acquiring resources. The best choice for raids are very high level players with farms on the edges of their territory. If you lose, you may only lose 1 medal.

Reaching Medieval Age[edit]

Your goal is to reach Medieval Age as quickly as possible to avoid leveling up too much at this point. By the time you hit level 40 you will be targeted by higher level players and have a lot of resources stolen from you with each defeat. After you initiate the Medieval Age upgrade, you can focus on upgrading all of your defenses.

At this point you will have little need for resources above 200,000, so keep them low to avoid losing higher amounts when attacked (attackers can only go after a % of your stored resources).

When you get to the point where you can upgrade walls, do so one at a time, keeping your gold close to 0. This will discourage enemy players from attacking you.