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The DomiNations walkthrough is split up by Age (each age limits how much you can do in the game; think of them as feature limitations). This main page contains information about the tutorial ages, Dawn and Stone. For the rest of the Ages, please refer to the table of contents at the top or bottom of this page, or use the navigation links found throughout this page, such as in the footer of each sub-page of the walkthrough.

The feature limitations of each Age create a bottleneck, which controls the rate at which you can gather resources, how big your kingdom can grow across several metrics (such as available area to build buildings, how many buildings you can have, and how many troops you can have), and what battles you have available and can succeed in.

The ages are (for a full list of strategies and features of each age, please visit their individual page or section):

  • Dawn Age: the tutorial section.
  • Stone Age: a continuation of the Dawn Age, which introduces defensive structures, roads, and battles.
  • Bronze Age: a continuation of the Stone Age, which introduces storage buildings (Mill, Marketplace, and later the Storehouse), roads, walls and gates, troop upgrades, mercenaries, and wonders!
  • Iron Age: unlocks additional building upgrades, unit researches,
  • Classical Age
  • Medieval Age
  • Gunpowder Age
  • Atomic Age (released in November, 2016).

Dawn Age[edit]

The Dawn Age serves as the tutorial section of the game. A few ages into the game it will feel less constrained like the tutorial and give you a bit more freedom (and a lot less help!).

Constructing your first homes[edit]

Hunting animals[edit]

Harvesting fruit trees[edit]

Expanding your territory[edit]

Mining for gold[edit]

Build your Town Center and third House[edit]


Build a Barracks and an army[edit]

Continue to grow[edit]

Stone Age[edit]


  • Blacksmith
  • 1x Tower
  • 1x Mill
  • 1x Marketplace
  • 1x Fruit Tree
  • 20x Road

The new age[edit]