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The more protection an armor offers, the heavier and more encumbering the unit is likely to be. Not only might a heavy armor cause the owner to tire more easily, it may also slow his movements enough to make it trickier for him to parry blows.

Manufactured Armors[edit]

Most armors come in three varieties: cuirass, hauberk, and full. There are five types of normal manufactured armors.

  • Leather - The lightest of the light, leather armors are the cheapest in resources to make and rarely encumber the wearer, but they offer little protection from attacks.
  • Ring - Ring armors are in a limbo between light and medium armor. The protection they offer is not great, but it is not bad either.
  • Scale - This is the most common armor for medium level infantry. They offer good protection at a reasonable cost.
  • Chain - Chain armors are getting into the heavy armor category. They cost a descent amount of resources, but give very nice protection.
  • Plate - These armors offer the most protection. They are also the heaviest and most cumbersome. Many resources are required to build plate armor.