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Spears are polearms with long reach, but low damage potential. They are good at repeling units with short weapons. Spears are the most common weapon in the game.

Long Spears are similar to spears but they have slightly longer reach.

Spears and Long Spears are one-handed weapons and can be used with shields.


Pikes are extremely long spear-like weapons. They have moderate damage and have a -1 penalty to Defence but they are the longest weapon in the game and get +1 to Attack. They are very good at repeling other units.

Pikes are two-handed weapons and cannot be used with shields. This makes pike-wielding units vulnerable to missiles.

Magic Spears and Pikes[edit]

These are some of the magical spears and pikes that can be forged.

  • Thorn Spear, anyone hit by this thorny weapon will be poisoned
  • Enchanted Pike, a good quality magical pike