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Short Swords and Broad Swords are common one-handed swords. Short Swords have low damage and length and average stats in general while Broad Swords have higher damage and length. Both Short and Broad Sword give +1 to defence.

Falchions[edit | edit source]

Falchions have higher damage than Broad Swords but they are rarer and do not boost defense.

Katana, Ninja-to, Wakizashi & No-Dashi[edit | edit source]

These are weapons used by the troops of Yomi, Shinuyama and Jomon. The weapons do good damage, and they have excellent attack and defense bonuses.

Great Swords[edit | edit source]

Great Swords are two-handed swords with excellent damage and defense, and good attack.

Ice Blade[edit | edit source]

Found on Caelian units and the Son of Niefel pretender, the Ice Blades are considered magical and can pierce ethereality and some other protections.

Magic Swords[edit | edit source]

These are some of the many magic swords that are found on units or that can be forged.

  • Flambeau, an undead slaying 2-handed fire sword
  • Bane Blade, sickly green swords of the underworld
  • Wraith Sword, lifedraining 2-handed sword
  • Faithful, a short sword that brings luck
  • Demon Bane, a high-damage demon slaying sword