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General[edit | edit source]

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Battlefield Wide Spells[edit | edit source]

The following list gives you some reference for enchantments that affect the entire battlefield. Some of these are simply souped-up versions of lower level buffing or de-buffing spells, while others are persistent spells that last for the duration of the battle or until the caster dies.

Battlefield-Wide Spells
Ritual School Level Path Type Comment
Light of the Northern Star Conjuration 4 S3 buff Works underwater, All S-mages gain +1S
Curse of Stones Alteration 4 E3 fatigue All enemy attks/moves gain fat save vs MR+4, actions cost +1
Wind Guide Alteration 4 A2 buff All friendly units gain +5 Prec, Stacks w/ Aim or Eagle Eyes
Darkness Alteration 6 D4 debuff All living suffer -50% Att/Def -75% Prec, Ends w/ caster dies
Iron Bane Alteration 6 E3 debuff Works underw., Hit breaks 50% non-magic armor, lasts 4 t
Bone Grinding Alteration 7 D7 damage Works underw., All suffer 3AN dmg, gain crippled vs MR+4
Doom Alteration 7 S4 debuff Works underwater, Curses all enemy units
Fog Warriors Alteration 7 A5 buff Works underwater, All friendly units gain Mistform
Mass Protection Alteration 7 N3 buff Works underw., Friendly units gain 10/+1 prot, -25 FR
Will of the Fates Alteration 8 S4 buff Works underwater, All friendly units gain Luck
Army of Gold Alteration 9 E4 buff Works underw., Friendly units gain 20/+3 prot, 50 FR, -75 SR
Army of Lead Alteration 9 E5 buff Works underw., Friendly units gain +4 MR, 20/+3 prot, -75 SR
Rain Evocation 2 W2 debuff All heat auras -3, All F spells and flying moves cost 2x fat
Mist Evocation 3 A3 debuff All units -50% Prec
Earthquake Evocation 5 E4 damage All units 8 AP dmg, Resisted by defense
Storm Evocation 5 A4 debuff No flying, -50% Prec, 50% missiles misfire, F spells cost 2x fat
Wailing Winds Evocation 6 D4A1 debuff All enemy units save vs Fear +0 /t
Wrathdul Skies Evocation 6 A5 damage Lightning strikes 5% battlefield/turn (10% if during a storm)
Acid Storm Evocation 7 W4F1 dam/dbff 50% all units suffer 4AP dmg/t, Destroys non-magic armor
Fire Storm Evocation 7 F5 damage 50% all units suffer 6AP dmg/t, Ends if caster dies
Rain of Stones Evocation 7 E3A1 damage Blade Wind attacks all squares on battlefield
Astral Tempest Evocation 8 S5 damage Works underw., All non-mindless units take 1AN dmg vs MR
Astral Healing Enchantment 4 S3 heal All living friendly units heal 2hp
Flaming Arrows Enchantment 4 F4 buff Friendly archers get +8AP magical F-dmg, % targets catch fire
Foul Vapors Enchantment 5 N3W1 damage Works underwater, 10% all units take 5AN poison dmg/t
Quagmire Enchantment 5 W4 debuff All units suffer -1 att/def, +2 enc, Swamp survival negates
Arrow Fend Enchantment 6 A3 buff All friendly units gain 80% missile resistance
Heat From Hell Enchantment 6 F4 fatigue 50% all units suffer 5+heatscale fat/t, -3 if raining
Grip of Winter Enchantment 6 W4 fatigue Works underw., 50% all units suffer 5AN stun dmg/t
Rigor Mortis Enchantment 6 D4 debuff Works underw., 50% all non-undead take 10AN stun dmg/t
Relief Enchantment 6 N5 buff Works underw., Friendlies gain Reinvig, Ends w/ caster dies
Solar Brilliance Enchantment 7 S5 damage Blinds 50% all units, undead/demons 5AP dmg/t save vs MR+4
Serpent's Blessing Enchantment 7 N4 buff Works underw., Friendly units gain +50 PR
Mass Flight Enchantment 7 A4 buff Friendly units gain flying
Mass Regeneration Enchantment 8 N4 buff Works underw., Friendly living units gain 10% Regen
Mists of Deception Enchantment 8 A6 debuff All units -50% Prec, phantasms 1*A level of caster appear/t
Warriors of Niefelheim Enchantment 8 W4 buff Works underw., All friendly units gain +100 CR
Warriors of Muspelheim Enchantment 8 F4 buff Works underw., All friendly units gain +50 FR
Storm Warriors Enchantment 8 A4 buff Works underw., All friendly units gain +50 SR
Gaia's Blessing Enchantment 9 N6E2 buff Works underw., All friendly units gain +50 FR/CR/SR/PR
Demon Cleansing Enchantment 9 W5 buff Works underw., All demons suffer 2x dmg
Growing Fury Thaumaturgy 5 N4 buff Works underw., 5% non-mindless go berserk/turn
Soul Drain Thaumaturgy 8 S5D5 buff/fat Works underw., Non-mindless units take 1AN fat, save vs MR
Blood Lust Blood 4 B2 buff All demons gain +4 strength, Stacks w/ Rush of Strength
Blood Rain Blood 7 B3 debuff All units suffer -4 morale
Rush of Strength Blood 8 B3 buff all friendly units gain +4 strength, Stacks w/ Blood Lust
Divine Blessing Holy 0 H3 buff Works underw., Blesses all friendly sacred units
Fanaticism Holy 0 H4 buff Works underw., +2 morale for friendlies once, Stacks w/ SoC