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Abysia is a nation of magmatic humanoids who use Fire and Blood magic. Abysians radiate hellish heat that tires and sometimes even ignites units near them. They are strong and capable warriors but they have poor eyesight and their mages are infamous for their lack of precision. Because of their incompatibility with flammable objects, Abysians do not have ranged weapons other than their castle tower ballistae. Abysians' Warlocks have are skilled in Blood and Astral magic in all eras and their Anathemant priests wield powerful Fire and Holy magic.

Abysia, Children of Flame (Early Age)[edit]

Some of the primal Abysians - large magmatic humanoids - are still around and the Warlocks have yet to create the Humanbreds. Early Abysia does not have Demonbred mages, only assassins and the misshapen Misbreds.

Abysia, Blood and Fire (Middle Age)[edit]

The Warlocks have bred a new caste of half-human Abysians known as Humanbreds. Demonbreds have gained their place in society and they are trained as priests and mages.

Abysia, Blood of Humans (Late Age)[edit]

Humanbreds have outbred the pure Abysians. The heat of the Smouldercone is waning as is its magic. The blood cult of the old days has been reinstituted.