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Agartha is a cavernous nation of one-eyed amphibious humanoids. They never stop growing and can grow to be huge and powerful. They have been assigned to guard a chamber in the depths of the earth that supposedly holds banished gods in it. However, Agartha has joined the War of Pretenders and guarding the chamber is a waning concern.

Agartha, Pale Ones (Early Age)[edit]

Agartha is populated with Pale Ones, huge one-eyed amphibian humanoids of great strength. They associate with weird and terrifying Troglodytes. Their Oracles guide them.

Agartha, Golem Cult (Middle Age)[edit]

The Agarthans are growing lesser in number and humans have moved to the caverns. The humans revere statues made by the Agarthans and give them life through magic.

Agartha, Ktonian Dead (Late Age)[edit]

The Agarthans have died off and the humans have turned towards necromancy. The humans revere and adore the mummified corpses of the Pale Ones and the Ktonian Necromancers know how to give them false life.