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Atlantis is the kingdom of the Deep Ones, strange underwater creatures that resemble a mix of human, fish and toad. The Atlantians have fought Aboleths, R'Lyeh and Oceania only to be banished to a forgotten coast of bone and ice. The Deep Ones never stop growing and the oldest of them are gigantic in size. Atlantis wields great power over Water magic.

Emergence of the Deep Ones (Early Age)[edit]

The Atlantian race has only recently emerged from the depths and the old Deep Ones, monstrous creatures that look like hybrids of a deep sea fish and a human are still around. These Deep Ones are resistant to Fire and Cold and are stonger but they have less Magic Resistance. They are ruled by Basalt Queens and Basalt Kings, but both of the ruling castes are strangely disinterested in the surrounding world. The Queens handle the religious matters in the Basalt City of Atlantis and the kings sequester themselves staring at the Dark Crystal that is in a gorge in the middle of the city. Early Atlantis has the Early Age's most heavily armoured unit, the sacred Living Pillar.

Kings of the Deep (Middle Age)[edit]

The Kingdom of Atlantis wars with Oceania and R'Lyeh whom seek to enslave the people of the seas and of the world. The Atlantians are armed and armored with weapons of poisonous coral. They are led by Kings of the Deep; water mages of great power and the Queen Mothers who are great priestesses of the kingdom.

Frozen Sea (Late Age)[edit]

The Kingdom of Atlantis has fallen. In the chaos a number of Atlantians have fled to a forgotten coast of bone and ice and forged a sacred pact with a forgotten god. Atlantis has turned to the magics of necromancy and frost. They are ruled by the Angakut shamans who wield powers over death and ice. The banished Seraphs of Caelum were coerced to give up the secrets of ice weapons and now the Atlantian armies march forth clad in ice and furs.

National Heroes[edit]

Sialuk: HP 20, Prot. 12, Mor. 15, MR 15, Enc. 3, Str. 14, Att. 14, Def. 14, Prec. 10, Move 2/10, Leadership 120/60/5, W1, D2, H1, Sacred, Poor amphibian, Cold Res. 50, Darkvision 50, Mounted on a Tupilak (though it seems to be irrelevant)