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The Seal Hunter is a basic unit of the Late Atlantians.

In the Late Age, the Kingdom of Atlantis has fallen. In the chaos a number of Atlantians have fled to a forgotten coast of bone and ice and forged a sacred pact with a forgotten god. Atlantis has turned to the magics of necromancy and frost. They are ruled by the Angakut shamans who wield powers over death and ice. The banished Seraphs of Caelum were coerced to give up the secrets of ice weapons and now the Atlantian armies march forth clad in ice and furs.

Overview[edit | edit source]

National Features[edit | edit source]

Units[edit | edit source]

Gold x, Resources y

Commanders[edit | edit source]


sacred Gold 350, Resources 1

Angakok are capital only mages/commanders. They have water 3, death 2 and holy 2 magic. They have a 100% chance at getting either an extra level in air, water, earth or death magic and another 10% chance to get another level in either air, water, earth or death.

Angakoks have pretty good stats, 50% cold resistance and powerful magic. Falling frost, shadow blast make them good combat mages. Outside of combat they can summon powerful creatures.

Angakoks are amphibious and have sailing. Sailing in itself, depending on the map, gives armies great mobility. Sailing has a nice synergy with being amphibious as sailing works from underwater provinces, meaning that you can attack an enemy shore province from 2 provinces away. With this combination, depending on map, underwater armies led by angakoks can threaten a ridiculous amount of shore provinces.

Angakoks, like other LA atlantis national troops, have map move 2, something most amphibious creatures don't have, meaning that they can move two friendly provinces inward from an underwater provinces. Use this mobility to surprise your enemies.

Heroes[edit | edit source]

Starting Sites[edit | edit source]

The Coast of Ice and Bones Gives 3 water gems and 1 death gem each turn.

National Spells[edit | edit source]

National Summons[edit | edit source]

Monster fish Conjuration Level 0; requires 3 water magic; 10 water gems

Summons a size 6 monster fish which has swallow whole as an attack. This attack is AOE 1 and does double damage against smaller creatures. With it's 25 strength this will deal round 50 damage to anything smaller the monster fish strikes at. Probably killing it.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

All your troops have lifespans of around 500 years and are relatively young. You can pretty much ignore decay effects on your national troops. Banefire crosbows can provide AOE 3 resist or die very soon artillery on shortlived enemies without friendly fire problems.

Burden of Time is a great spell if you're left with one or two equal sized nations of short lived enemies. Their troops will be crippled by old age, while your national troops will be unaffected.

Your troops have cold resistance 50% and darkvision 50%. Cold based spells like falling frost can be used in combat with not much danger. Darkness will also hurt your enemies more than your troops in general.

Strategy A[edit | edit source]

Scale Design[edit | edit source]

Definitely take cold 3. The ice armor of your troops becomes better the colder it is.

Pretender Design[edit | edit source]

Expansion[edit | edit source]

Research Order[edit | edit source]