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Large Bandar Nobles form the highest rank of the military during the height of ape power.

Bandar Log is an Indian-themed nation of humanoid monkeys and apes, based on the monkey people in Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book. The name 'Bandar Log' literally translates from Hindi as 'Monkey People'. In the Jungle Book, they were foolish and stupid creatures, but in Dominions, they are somewhat smarter.

Their society is organised in a caste system, with simple monkeys at the bottom, human-sized apes and large gorillas in the middle, and religious white apes at the very top. This is reflected in the structure of their military.

Bandar Log is magically strong, with good astral and decent nature available on their recruitable mages, and access to strong water, earth and air through their numerous national summons.

Unit discussion[edit | edit source]

Markata[edit | edit source]

These small monkeys are the lowliest of the castes. They're very, very cheap (5 gold), but their stats are mostly pathetic, particularly their morale, strength and magic resistance. They do have an excellent defence value and decent speed, making them good for tying up enemy melee troops. Against archers, tramplers or area-effect spells, they're dead meat.

Both versions of the Markata have a missile weapon, but the range and damage is pathetic; even against unshielded militia they have little effect.

Some players view them as useless, but I don't agree. They're good as chaff, drawing attacks away from your more valuable troops. Their high defence value can help them tire out heavily armoured troops. They're not mindless, so they can be used for patrolling.

Units[edit | edit source]

Gold x, Resources y

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