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Caelum is a nation of winged humanoids who live on cold mountains. They are offspring of Yazatas, creatures who fled the last Pantokrator to the Celestial Plane. The three tribes of Caelum are the physically strong Spire Horn Clan, the cold-immune High Caelians and the Raptor Clan who turned to the dark art of necromancy and were banished, only to return and conquer Caelum. Caelians are physically frail but make up for it with powerful magic and the ability to fly. Their powers of flight provide them with an astonishing strategic movement. The Seraphs are infamously powerful mages of Air and Water.

Eagle Kings (Early Age)[edit | edit source]

The closest descendants of the Yazatas are still around and rule Caelum as the Eagle Kings. Seraphs haven't yet become the dominating clan and Raptors haven't been banished yet.

Reign of the Seraphim (Middle Age)[edit | edit source]

The Raptor Clan has been banished and the Seraphs have established their magocracy. The Wingless of the Raven's Vale are despised and they join the armies as soldiers with nothing to lose.

Return of the Raptors (Late Age)[edit | edit source]

The Raptors have returned and banished the Seraphim. Now the Harab Seraphs of Raptor Clan rule. They wield the magics of Earth, Air and Death. The Wingless are revered as Groundbound warriors.