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The Longdead Legionnaire is the reanimated skeleton of an ancient Ermorian soldier.

Braaaaaaains! Moooooore braaaaaaaaains!

The catastrophe has finally overcome the living. The land is blasted and dismal; the unholy energies over the affected lands now slay the living en masse. The dead rise in vast numbers to conquer, while all but the most foolish flee before them.

National Features[edit]

Dominion kills population and raises undead depending on dominion strength and unburied corpses. Provinces with forts provide better units, and after the Soul Gate is open temples attract holy units.

Units and Commanders[edit]

Ermor has no national units. All of them are summoned by conjuration or dominion.



Forgotten King

Alcastos was the last priest king of an ancient nation that had fought Ermor. When his kingdom was crushed he was brought to Eldregate as a prisoner. He swore to serve the Emperor and tie his kingdom to the Empire, but before he could return from the Holy city, he witnessed the cataclysmic events that destroyed the Empire. Alcastos was cursed to serve the ashen Empire in death as he had vowed to do in life.

(All stats are only in the most basic form)

Health Points: 11
Size: 2
Protection: 0
Morale: 30
Magic resistance: 17
Encumbrance: 0
Melee Encumbrance: 0
Spell Encumbrance: 4
Fatigue: 0
Age: 362(500)
Strength: 12
Attack Skill: 13
Defence Skill: 11
Precision: 10
Movement: 3/11
Leadership: 40/80/0

Priest Level 3
Poor Amphibian
Cold resistant (100)
Poison resistant (100)
Need not eat

Starting equipment: Falchion, Iron cap, Scale Mail Hauberk

Magic Item Slots:
2 Hands
1 Head
1 Body
1 Legs
2 Miscellaneous


Shade King

Tenebrus is the king of the shade lands, the dark waste between the underworld and the lands of the living. Through his kingdom all dead must pass. When the Soul Gates opened, he answered the call and led his armies through into the lands of the living. Shades and Shade Beasts will sometimes spontaneously appear in his vicinity. Tenebrus is an unholy priest and can summon shadows and dispossessed spirits to his service.

(All stats are only in the most basic form)

Health Points: 20
Size: 2
Protection: 0
Morale: 15
Magic resistance: 14
Encumbrance: 0
Melee Encumbrance: 0
Spell Encumbrance: 0
Fatigue]]: 0
Age: 552 (1000)
Strength: 12
Attack Skill: 12
Defence Skill: 13
Precision: 10
Movement: 3/12
Leadership: 10/70/0

Priest level 2
Poor Amphibian
Cold resistant (100)
Poison resistant (100)
Stealthy (+0)
Need not eat
Dark Power (3)

Starting Equipment: Bane Blade

Magic Item Slots:
2 Hands
1 Head
1 Body
1 Legs
2 Miscellaneous

Starting Sites[edit]

The Unholy Sepulchre

National Spells[edit]


Level 0:
Revive Lictor
Revive Censor
Revive Acolyte
Revive Bishop
Revive Arch Bishop
Revive Spectator
Revive Dusk Elder
Level 1:
Revive Shadow Tribune
Level 2:
Revive Wailing Lady
Level 3:
Lictorian Guard
Level 5:
Revive Wraith Centurion
Level 6:
Revive Wraith Senator
Level 7:
Revive Wraith Consul
Great Lamentation
Level 8:
Soul Gate
Lictorian Legion


Level 6:
Ermorian Legion

National Summons[edit]

Gems z


Strategy A[edit]

Scale Design[edit]

Undead grow depending on the dominion and unburied corpses you have. Set dominion strength around 9 or 8, Sloth 3, Death 3, Turmoil 3, Luck 3 and Magic 3.

Pretender Design[edit]

The pretender god must be awake and have at least 3 points of death to be able to summon the Ermorian clerics and mages. No matter who you pick, make sure he's undead and has a long life, otherwise he'll catch a disease when you start casting global curses.

With the huge amount of points you should have available, try to get a lvl 9 death immortal god. Astral magic is a nice addition to be able to cast Nether Bolt and Nether Dart. Blood and Nature are pretty much useless since your units are very weak and population very low.

A rainbow mage might be a good choice to boost gem income early in the game and expand quickly, but in the late game you may be unable to cast the really cool Ermorian Spells which require up to Death lvl 9 (Soulgate, Utterdark, Burden of time).

A blessing strategy is complicated to design. Your god should be a one-man army, and your strong holy units won't be available until the late game. Astral is not a bad choice for ermor since magic resistance protects your undead from banishment. Air shield is also good since undead tend to die rather quickly against archers.


Make sure your dominions expands far and wide. The negative scale will make enemy armies starve and cripple the economy of your opponents.

This will cause them to gang up on you. Expand aggressively, pillage enemy provinces and fall back. Repeat until the entire world has very low income and resources.

Build temples deep down in your territory to increase maximum dominion (5 temples increase it by 1). Don't forget to add at least 1 point to defense on all provinces. Undead fall apart and die if left on the battlefield with no leader.

Research Order[edit]

Use Spectators to summon each other and research. Leave a Dusk Elder around your lab just in case you need to summon more of them.

Get enchantment 3 to get Raise Dead and Raise Skeletons. Then switch to Conjuration to get the national summons, Well of Misery and Soul Gate.

Thaumaturgy allows you to cast Burden of Time (Makes every unit in the planet to wither and die. Your undead are not affected by it unless the game gets into a very, very late stage when even undead units get hit by old age). Unfortunately this spell will make everyone gang up on you so it's pretty much a self-imposed death sentence in MP.

Burden of Time + Foul Winds is an excellent way to depopulate the entire world.

Alteration 8 is nice to get Disintegrate (Death 2), which will make every single mage you have extremely deadly. Utterdark is nice too.

If your mage is not very skilled in Death magic you will have to spend some time researching construction to cast some of the stronger spells.