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Fomoria is a land settled by enormous cyclopean seafaring giants and their deformed offspring.

This nation was added in the Dominions 3.10 patch.

The Fomorian Giants are enormous one-eyed monsters. Only a few are uncorrupted by the curse.

Overview[edit | edit source]

A mix of giant Fomorians and their more normal-sized Nemedian and Fir Bolg subjects. Due to their raiding and disloyalty, the gods cursed the Fomorians with deformities; as a result, the midsized "Fomorian" troops have a chance of being recruited with Afflictions.

National Features[edit | edit source]

Units[edit | edit source]

  • Fir Bolg Scout
  • Fir Bolg Champion
  • Fomorian Scout
  • Fomorian Champion
  • Unmarked Champion
  • Fomorian Druid
  • Fomorian King
  • Nemedian Champion
  • Nemedian Sorceress
  • Fir Bolg Slinger
  • Fir Bolg Warrior (axe)
  • Fir Bolg Warrior (spear + javelin)
  • Fomorian Militia
  • Fomorian Javelinist
  • Fomorian Spearman
  • Fomorian Warrior
  • Unmarked
  • Fomorian Giant
  • Nemedian Warrior

Unit Comparison[edit | edit source]

Fomoria, Cursed Ones
Fir Bolg Slinger 11 2 13 4 10 13 4 11 10 11 12 2/13
Fir Bolg Warrior 13 9 13 7 11 13 5 11 12 14 12 2/11
Fir Bolg Warrior 13 10 13 7 11 13 5 11 12 15 12 2/11
Fomorian Militia 15 3 30 5 10 12 3 18 8 8 7 2/15
Fomorian Javelinist 20 15 30 11 12 12 4 20 10 9 8 2/14
Fomorian Spearman 20 17 30 11 12 12 5 20 10 12 8 2/13
Fomorian Warrior 30 27 33 16 13 12 6 21 11 13 8 2/12
Unmarked 60 27 35 16 14 13 6 21 12 14 9 2/12
Fomorian Giant 110 37 64 14 14 15 5 24 11 12 8 3/15
Nemedian Warrior 30 22 14 10 15 14 5 12 14 16 12 2/11
Fir Bolg Slinger
Gold 11, Resources 2
Ye basic slinger. Better stats than the average human; on the other hand, slings suck.
Fir Bolg Warrior (axe)
Gold 13, Resources 9
Basic offensive infantry. Lacks a helmet, so tends to get its block knocked off.
Fir Bolg Warrior (spear + javelin)
Gold 13, Resources 10
Basic defensive infantry. Continues to lack a helmet.
Fomorian Militia
Gold 15, Resources 3
A militia version of Fomorian troops. Lacks armor.
Fomorian Javelinist
Gold 20, Resources 15
Typical spear + javelin infantry, save for being size 4 and having the HP to back it up.
Fomorian Spearman
Gold 20, Resources 17
Swaps the Javelinist's javelin for a shield.
Fomorian Warrior
Gold 30, Resources 27
Gains a stat upgrade and significantly better armor compared to the Spearman.
Gold 60, Resources 27
A Fomorian Warrior with a further stat boost, and Sacredness. Capital only.
Fomorian Giant
Gold 110, Resources 37
Sacred, Poor Amphibian, and Cold Resistance 50. Just in case you wanted Niefel-like troops. Capital only.
Nemedian Warrior
Gold 30, Resources 22
A solid equipment fit backed up by Stealth, Glamour, and Darkvision 50. Capital only.

Commanders[edit | edit source]

Fir Bolg Scout
Gold 25, Resources 10
Ye basic stealthy scout. Slight stat advantage over the basic human version.
Fir Bolg Champion
Gold 45, Resources 12
Ye basic infantry commander. Does not come with a default helmet, and only has leadership 40.
Fomorian Scout
Gold 50, Resources 19
'Cuz, y'know, giants would be really good at that stealth thing. Save money and go for the Fir Bolg version instead.
Fomorian Champion
Gold 60, Resources 29
Still only leadership 40, but at least he's hoping to lead squads of giants, not swarms of humans.
Unmarked Champion
Gold 120, Resources 29
Magic: H1
Leadership 80 and basic priestly powers make this your go-to leader.
Fomorian Druid
Gold 150, Resources 3
Magic: A1H1 + 100% random (AWDN)
A versatile, if weak, spellslinger.
Fomorian King
Gold 500, Resources 37
Magic: A3D2H2 + 100% random (AWD) + 10% random (AWD)
Poor Amphibian, Cold Resistance 50, and Sailing, in addition to being a true size-6 giant. The Fomorian King can easily become a one-man army. Capital only.
Nemedian Champion
Gold 140, Resources 25
Magic: A1D1H1
Stealth, Glamour, and Darkvision 50. Capital only.
Nemedian Sorceress
Gold 270, Resources 1
Magic: A2D2 + 100% random (AWDN)
Stealth, Glamour, and Darkvision 50. Expensive, but you do get what you pay for. Capital only.

Heroes[edit | edit source]

Tuan the Last Partholonian[edit | edit source]

Hit Points 13 Strength 12
Protection 0 Attack Skill 13
Morale 14 Defence Skill 15
Magic Resist 19 Precision 15
Encumbrance 4 Move 2/12
Magic A2W1D4 Leadership 0
Sacred, Immortal, Stealthy +25, Glamour, Darkvision 50, +5 RP

Tuan is an ancient sage and the last surviving Partholonian. When the Fomorian plague struck his people, he alone managed to survive. When his proud race fell to extinction, he hid in the shapes of stag, bear, eagle and salmon. Through the ages he has found the means to fully cheat death and lives to tell of the fate of the Partholonians and the Fomorians. A humble man, he serves the kings that be and avoids the burden of leadership in favor of scholastic tasks.

Basically an upgraded Nemedian Sorceress, Tuan packs a big magical punch into a well-defended frame. Sadly, his total uninterest in leadership means you can't even give him a bodyguard.

Balor the High King[edit | edit source]

Hit Points 82 Strength 28
Protection 15 Attack Skill 14
Morale 16 Defence Skill 14
Magic Resist 19 Precision 12
Encumbrance 5 Move 3/15
Magic A3D4H3 Leadership 160
Sacred, Poor Amphibian, Fear +4, Cold Resistance 50, Sailing, Gluttony 20
Special Attack
Gaze of Death (15AP damage, 5 AoE)

Balor is the undisputed ruler of all Fomorians. He ruled the Fomorian Giants when they guarded the realm of the watery dead, he led them when they ravaged the world, he protected them from the invaders and he will lead them once again in conquest of this world. Balor is twice cursed. He is afflicted with a monstrous appearance, a single eye, skin as black as the night and a ravenous hunger. He is also cursed to be slain by his own grandson. This has led him to promptly imprison all of his daughters and their sons in guarded towers. During the conjuration of the plague that was to slay the Nemedians, Balor accidentally looked into the plague cauldron and the vapors lodged themselves in his single eye and turned it to evil. Now the gaze of Balor destroys the flesh of men.

The Fomorian King after whom all other Fomorian Kings are but pale imitations. If for some reason you don't think the basic Fomorian King is strong enough to make a Super Combatant, well, now you've got a stronger one.

Bres the Uncursed[edit | edit source]

Hit Points 62 Strength 23
Protection 15 Attack Skill 14
Morale 11 Defence Skill 16
Magic Resist 19 Precision 16
Encumbrance 5 Move 3/15
Magic A3D1N2H2 Leadership 120
Sacred, Poor Amphibian, Awe +3, Cold Resistance 50, Sailing

Bres, the Beautiful, is the son of Balor. He is but a century old, but has become the hope of the nation. Untouched by the Curse, he is a living legend. Bres is incredibly handsome and surrounded by an aura of splendour. Regardless of what the Fomorians think of him, he is somewhat of a coward who prefers to live in luxury in the halls of his father.

Bres isn't quite up to the standards of his dad, but he does provide level-2 Nature magic should you need it.

Starting Sites[edit | edit source]

Isle of Balor
Produces 1 Water Gem and 2 Air Gems per turn, and allows the recruitment of Unmarked, Fomorian Giants, and Fomorian Kings.
Rath Chimbalth
Produces 1 Air Gem and 2 Death Gems per turn, and allows the recruitment of Nemedian Warriors, Champions, and Sorceresses.

National Spells[edit | edit source]

Dance of the Morrigans
AoE Battlefield, Fatigue 400-, 4 Death Gems, Conjuration 8, D5A2
Unleashes the Morrigans on the battlefield. As with e.g. Mists of Deception, Morrigans will continually spawn from the edges of the battlefield.

National Summons[edit | edit source]

Summon Black Dogs
10 Death Gems, Conjuration 2, D2
Summons a pack of 20 Black Dogs. Black Dogs are Animals, stealthy, have Darkvision 100, and Dark Power +2.
Summon Barghests
13 Death Gems, Conjuration 4, D2
Summons a pack of 9 sacred Barghests. Barghests are Animals, sacred, stealthy, have Darkvision 100, and Dark Power +3.
Summon Morrigan
4 Death Gems, Conjuration 6, D2A1
Summons a sacred Morrigan. Morrigans are troops with these traits: Sacred, Fear +0, Cold Resistance 100, Poison Resistance 100, Undead, Need not Eat, Flying, Stealthy, Glamour. They carry armor and a shield, and a special spear that drains life and causes decay.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Strategy A[edit | edit source]

One valid strategy to go for is using a bless strategy in combination with your sacred units. Your sacred units are size 4 and 6 giants with impressive stats among which high hitpoints; this makes it attractive to go for regeneration with a high nature bless. The problem with giants is that they're one to a square, and they can easily get overwhelmed by masses of lower quality units that eventually exhaust their fatigue. Hence if you go for sacreds+bless, you'll need invigoration from a high earth bless.

Scale Design[edit | edit source]

The better Fomorian units all cost a lot of gold and resources, so productivity and order are a must. Regarding the rest, growth is good but in order to afford the points for pretender design that might mean you have to take misfortune, which isn't great. You can however get away with negative magic; this hinders research but only until you get construction 2 where your average mage can pump out Owl Quills (+3 RP, 5 Air Gems), and construction 4 where they can pump out Skull Mentors (+9 RP, 10 Death Gems).

Pretender Design[edit | edit source]

If you're going for the bless strategy, with an Earth Mother you can get away with 9 in nature and 9 in earth, but only if you take an imprisoned pretender.

Expansion[edit | edit source]

The problem with uber-expensive sacred units is that it takes a while to get a sufficient number of them. So start by preaching and converting your scout to prophet and recruiting a few, and after that attack carefully but steadily until you gathered together a second army, shielding your giants with your starting army as chaff.

Research Order[edit | edit source]

Research is going to be expensive, at least for a while, until you can get the items for bonus RP or a site where you can buy mages with a better research/cost ratio. After getting a level in alteration for the A/W spells, go for construction while you build up your number of mages and income.