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Ulm is a nation that -as a general rule- prefer steel over magic, but excel at forging magic items.

Ulm, Enigma of Steel[edit | edit source]

Early age Ulm is a barbarian kingdom, primitive and wild, but with a sacred tradition of smithing that provides them with relatively advanced armor and weapons. Think Conan the Barbarian.

Ulm, Forges of Ulm[edit | edit source]

The Forges of Ulm is the height of the kingdom of steel-worshipers. Their arms and armor are unequalled, but magic is discouraged and only used by the Master Smiths.

Ulm, Black Forest[edit | edit source]

The Late Age sees the cursed Ulm in a period of darkness and decay. Magic and other beliefs are crushed, though dark and secretive orders exist in opposition to the Iron Cult. Wolves and vampires haunt the Black Forest, led by Wolfherds and Vampire Lords.