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Vanheim is a cold kingdom that is home to men, dwarves, and the tall magical beings known as Vanir. Helheim is another nation related to Vanheim that coexists in the Early Age. The Vanir and the giants of Jotunheim are ancient enemies. The rise of Midgard in the Late Age marks the end of Vanheim.

Helheim, Dusk and Death (Early Age)[edit]

Helheim exists as an Early Age nation alongside Vanheim in the Age of Vanir, but later joins with them as Midgard in the Late Age. Helheim is one of several Dominions nations that are based off of Norse myth.

Age of Vanir (Early Age)[edit]

Vanir form the bulk of the military and society in the Early Age of Vanheim. Their Glamour ability allows them to pass disguised and create mirror images in battle. The Vanir can sail the seas.

Age of Men (Middle Age)[edit]

Man and Vanir live together in the Middle Age of Vanheim.

Midgard (Late Age)[edit]

The Vanir have all but disappeared from Vanehim in the Late Age. Midgard is the new name given by the human rulers.