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The Master Lich is available to most if not all nations in Dominions 3 and is a popular choice for many players.

Basic Stats:

Hit Points: 5 --------- Strength: 5
Protection: 6 --------- Attack Skill: 6
Moral: 30 -------------- Defense Skill: 4
Magic Resist: 18 ---- Precision: 10
Movement: 2/5

Additional Stats:

Dominion: 3
Death Magic: 3
Poor Amphibian
Susceptible to fire 100%
Cold Resist 100%
Poison Resist 100%
No need to eat

Cost to upgrade Magic Paths: 20

The Master Lich's strength is his ability in Magic and ease of upgrading his magic paths as well as his Immortality inside friendly Dominion.

His weakness is his obviously poor combat stats and without significant upgrades such as wishing for Strength it would not be wise to send him into battle alone outside of friendly dominion without a host of priests waiting to call back your dead god or a sufficient Magical battle plan.

Another minor advantage to the Master Lich is his extra Misc. Item slot for a total of 3, making the Master Lich second only to the crone in ability to wield Misc. Items.

When used properly and carefully upgraded the Master Lich can become a nearly unstoppable force both on land and in the sea.