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In Dominions Priests are commanders who have at least 1 pick of Priest (Holy) magic. Mage-Priests also exist. Priests are always Sacred.

Priestly Magic[edit | edit source]

There are only a small number of priestly spells avaitable in the game, and almost all of them are unit-enchanting spells that take effect once in a battle. The most notable of these spells are Bless and Divine bless which make a group and all sacred units Blessed on the battle. Blessed units gain bonuses from their Pretender's bless effects. Another notable spell is Banishment which scales well with priestly power and is used to combat undead creatures.

Priestly spells cause no fatigue on the caster, making them quite different from mage spells in this respect.

What Priests can do[edit | edit source]

  • Preach: With this command the priest preaches until told otherwise. A preaching priest increases your Dominion in the province, but there are limits to how much he or she can raise it
  • Build temple: All priests and only priests can build temples
  • Blood sacrifice: Some nations can use their priests to sacrifice Blood Slaves for Dominion
  • Reanimate: Some nations can use their priests to convert population or Unburied Corpses to undead units
  • Call God: If your pretender dies, it is possible for his priests to call him back from the netherworld. This takes quite a few priest-turns to work. Once it does, the pretender reappears in his original capital; if the province is enemy-held, his return may be short indeed. The pretender will have lost one level of magic in each path, and may retain afflictions from his previous incarnation.