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The Prophet is a Commander who was turned into a Prophet by the command become Prophet. You can normally have only one prophet at a time. If your prophet dies, you must wait a few turns before you get a message that you can make a new prophet. The biggest advantage of a prophet is that he spreads Dominion like your Pretender. He is also permanently blessed, even if he was not sacred. He also gets a priest skill of level 3. If he already had 3 or more priest levels, he receives a +1 bonus to his priest level.

With priest skill 3, your Prophet can cast such useful spells such as smite and divine blessing without any research.

Note: Mictlan in some Eras can spread Dominion only with the Pretender and with Blood Sacrifices.

Prophet Tricks
  • It is possible by commander-kidnapping to steal enemy Prophets so that you have more acting Prophets who spread your Dominion.
  • It is also possible to Charm someone else's Prophet (who keeps his H3 level magic) and subsequently prophetizing him yourself to get a +1 level boost to H4.
  • You can increase your Prophet's H-level arbitrarily high by prophetizing multiple times. One way to do this is via Ritual of Rebirth (every time the Prophet dies, RoR him and re-prophetize, he receives a +1 bonus to his priest level each time). This is thematic: a Prophet who comes back from the dead 4 times is obviously holier than a regular old Prophet (H7!).