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Golden Bananas[edit]

Banana 1: The first banana is right infront of Diddy's cell. Just swing on a couple of vines and you got your first banana.

Banana 2: Now its time to get Diddy out of his cell. First you will need DK's coconut shooter, which is purchased for three yellow coins (see below if necessary). There will be 3 coconut switches: 1 on each door. Shoot them and Diddy is free, he will leave a banana and join your party.

Banana 3: This one involves rambi the rhino, get him and charge down the 4 huts. 1 contains a dk button, pound that and a banana will pop up near the start of the level. Get the banana and only 2 more to go.

Banana 4: Banana 4 involves the dk pad move that Crankey teaches you. Swing on some vines and the pad will take you to a barrel blast course. Complete that to get the banana.

Banana 5/blueprint: The kasplat is in a cave you unlock when you get banana 2. Destroy that and the blueprints yours.

Yellow banana locations[edit]

  • 5 bananas: At the start, where you swing across the vines.
  • 5: At first bananaport #3.
  • 13: Near snide's HQ.
  • 5: Climb the tree near the armory.
  • 10: In a balloon Circling around stone near first bananaport #3.
  • 5: At second bananaport #3.
  • 5: From the armory, jump across the vines, and climb the tree.
  • 3: On approach to Diddy kong.
  • 9: Leading to cranky's lab.
  • 10: Baloon outside cranky's lab
  • 5: Before Army Dillo's portal, accessed from the central area by climbing trees.
  • 5: In Barrel Blast Minigame

Yellow coin locations[edit]

  • 3 coins: After opening the gate at the start
  • 3: Near the yellow blueprint
  • 3: Between the vines when taking the right path from the opened gates after rescuing Diddy.
  • 3: Behind Rambi's box.
  • 3: Near barrel blast minigame
  • 2: In Barrel blast minigame