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There are many different types of barrels in DKC 2. Below is a list of all the different barrels found in the game.

Basic Barrel[edit]

This normal type of barrel is just made for throwing at enemies. It has no fancy artwork on the front of it.

Invincibility Barrel[edit]

Like the name says, gives Diddy or Dixie invincibility for a limited amount of time. Has an explamation point on the front.

Donkey Kong Barrel[edit]

If one of your partners is missing, throw this barrel to get them back. Has a DK symbol on the front

Animal Barrel[edit]

If you jump into one of these barrels, it will morph you into the animal. Like if there was a picture of Enguarde on the front, you would morph into Enguarde.

+ Barrel[edit]

The + Barrel is used in the level Haunted Hall. It is used to add time before Kackle will attack you. Has a + sign on the front of it.

- Barrel[edit]

The - Barrel is almost identical to the + Barrel, except that it removes time before Kackle attacks you. Has a - sign on the Front.

Bonus Barrel[edit]

The Bonus Barrel sends you to a bonus game when you jump into it. These barrels are usually hidden somewhere in the level, so you will have to look. It has a B Button on the front.

Check Barrel[edit]

The Check Barrels are used in the level Target Terror. You must try to jump and hit these barrels to open the path ahead. Has a checkmark on the front.

X Barrel[edit]

Like the Check Barrel, except blocks your path. Has an X on the front.

Halfway Barrel[edit]

This barrel marks the halfway point of the level, and if you die, you can restart here. Has stars moving around the barrel.

TNT Barrel[edit]

This barrel will blow up if you throw it at things. If you set it down, it will blow up by itself. Also, it can open up secret passages in walls. Has TNT written on the front of it.