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DK Bongos Controller Action
Left button Left control Move left
Right button Right control Move right
Both button A button Jump
Clap button Neutral cstick Clap

The faster you hit the drum, the faster Donkey Kong will move. You can hit both drums while running to jump diagonally. Jump diagonally toward a wall and you can wall jump by hitting the opposite drum. For instance, if DK is on a wall to the right of him, hit Left button. You can jump between two walls until there is an opening. While on a wall, hitting the corresponding drum repeatedly will let Donkey Kong slide down the wall.

Clapping causes Donkey Kong to perform various actions. Colored circles appear when you clap. Enemies caught in the outer green ring can be stunned for a short time. Enemies in the smaller red circle will be killed or damaged. Any bananas in the smaller circle will be grabbed by DK. If you are near a jungle buddy, Donkey Kong will ride it when you clap.