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Doom 64 is not your average first person shooting game. Your job is not just killing every monster on the screen or knock down soldiers shooting you down. You have to go through the level and solve each scenario and find secrets to why Hell has reached your doorstep. It's much simpler than Goldeneye and Perfect Dark and a few steps above Quake and Turok and it's sequel. If this is your only platform at this time, don't be afraid to take on the Nintendo's version of its unique Doom franchise. It may be scary but if your brave enough, you could finish the game and up the difficulty to up the replay value.

If you own other consoles like Nintendo Switch, you can relive the experience whether you played it before or just got this game for the first time. The widescreen might be jarring but the core experience is what matters the most. Here's what to expect when you start the game:

  • More difficult, more monsters.
  • Old school health and armor. There's no health regeneration in the series.
  • Weapons galore. Start with pistol and keep experimenting until you get the ultimate weapon in the game.
  • Ever stuck in a level, just hit the switches to see what it does. That includes using yellow, red and blue keys to get through that obstacle.