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Having trouble getting through the level? Check on the levels to figure out how to go from A to B with keys, secrets and switches showing you the right direction.

  • Memorize the levels: Nothing is more important in where you are then getting lost in every level you go through.
  • Strafe and move around: Stay still while shooting is not always a good idea. Enemies will find ways to attack you no matter what. Try to get the enemies to attack each other as one of the ways to save ammo.
  • Right gun for the right job: Monsters and soldiers come in different sizes and not all weapons work the way you want it. For example: using pistols might work well with soldiers with pistols but it wouldn't work the same way soldiers with shotguns so be creative with your choices.
  • Health, armor, where are you?! You won't last a long time as enemies kill you easily. Every level has something that would keep you alive so keep an eye on first aid kits and armor items to add endurance to your character. After all, survival is the key in order to get through the level.
  • Watch out for barrels! If your starting to get short with ammo, use the barrels to knock the group down but keep your distance! Get to close and you'll get an accumulation of health and armor lost depending on how close you are to the barrel.
  • Casual versus hardcore: In terms of difficulty, start with the easiest difficulty. This would work with casual gamers. But if you think your an expert hardcore shooter who knows the horror of the Doom franchise than choose the hardest difficulty with caution. Be extremely evasive and keep moving to avoid inevitable death unless you can find some breathing space between rounds.