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Dota 2 bane.png
Atropos the Bane Elemental
Base stats and attributes
Strength 22 + 2.1
Agility 22 + 2.1
Intelligence 22 + 2.1
Base damage 29-35
Move speed 315
Armor 4.08
Level 1 16 25
Hit Points 568 1127 1906
Mana 286 668 1201
Damage 51-57 80-86 121-127
Armor 4 8 14
Sight Range 1800/800
Attack Range 400
Missile Speed 900

Atropos, often referred to as Bane, is a ranged intelligence hero who is usually played as a ganker, though becomes a major disabler during teamfights. He is notable not just for his unique stat growth, but his ability to take up to 3 heroes out of the fight at one time. His Enfeeble will weaken even the strongest carries, nullifying the threat of deadly physical damage-dealers for a few crucial seconds. He can keep his health high while damaging enemies with Brain Sap. His Nightmare is another strong ability that can completely disable an important enemy hero or even save an allied one, though its tricky properties can backfire for his team. His ultimate, Fiend's Grip, is his most potent disable, locking an enemy down while draining a large portion of their health and mana. With so many disables, a Bane in good hands will become his opponent's worst nightmare.



Dota 2 bane enfeeble.png
  • Ability: Target Unit
  • Affects: Enemy Heroes
  • Damage Reduction: 30 / 60 / 90 / 120
  • Mana Cost: 95 / 105 / 115 / 125
  • Cooldown: 10

Enfeeble reduces the physical damage of the target for 20 seconds. It is a very strong disable that can cripple heroes that rely on their normal attacks, especially carries. The damage reduction is high enough to nullify a hero's damage for most parts of the game unless they have damage increasing items. The duration is annoyingly long for such a good disable, so it's a good idea to use it on a non-spellcaster during a teamfight to make it a non-factor as your team takes down the other heroes.

Brain Sap[edit]

Dota 2 bane brain sap.png
  • Ability: Target Unit
  • Affects: Enemy Heroes
  • Damage Type: Pure
  • Damage: 90 / 160 / 230 / 300
  • Mana Cost: 125 / 150 / 175 / 200
  • Cooldown: 14

Brain Sap damages the target and heals yourself based on the damage dealt. Since it does pure damage, you will always damage and heal the exact amount for yourself. It is a great damage nuke, letting you drain the enemy's health in conjunction with your regular attacks to take the enemy down. If you ever need health, you can always drain the health of an enemy creep to heal yourself back up.


Dota 2 bane nightmare.png
  • Ability: Target Unit
  • Affects: Heroes
  • Damage Type: HP Removal
  • Damage: 20
  • Duration: 4 / 5 / 6 / 7
  • Mana Cost: 165
  • Cooldown: 15

Nightmare makes the target fall asleep, completely disabling them and dealing damage over time. Any attack will wake the target up, though the Nightmare will be transferred to the attacker. Abilities can also be used to wake the target but will not carry the effects to the caster. It is an easy way to keep a hero out of the fight for a few seconds while you concentrate on other enemies. You can still use Brain Sap on Nightmared enemies without worrying about getting Nightmared back. It can also be used to save yourself or an ally in an emergency, as enemies trying to attack you may accidentally get Nightmare transferred to them. As you can also damage your allies with it, you can use it to deny allied heroes that are close to death. If you end up being Nightmared and need to wake up instantly, Nightmare End has you covered.

Nightmare End[edit]

Dota 2 bane nightmare end.png
  • Ability: No Target, Toggle

Wakes you up from Nightmare.

Fiend's Grip[edit]

Dota 2 bane fiends grip.png
  • Ability: Channeled, Target Unit
  • Affects: Enemy Heroes
  • Damage Type: Magical
  • Mana Drain: 5%
  • Duration: 5
  • Damage: 100 / 155 / 215
  • Mana Cost: 200 / 300 / 400
  • Cooldown: 100
  • Scepter Mana Drain: 10%
  • Scepter Duration: 7
  • Scepter Damage: 155 / 215 / 270

Fiend's Grip completely disables the target while dealing high damage per second and draining their mana for the entire duration. It is channeled, so a simple mini-stun will interrupt the spell. It is a devastating single target ability, letting you do up to 1025 damage if the whole spell goes uninterrupted. It will also drain up to 25% mana, which can make a spellcaster's day much worse. You should ideally use it on priority targets to take them down early, while your other disables can be used on nearby foes to prevent them from interrupting you.

Aghanim's Scepter can be bought by Bane and will increase the mana drain, duration and damage of Fiend's Grip.

Suggested Items[edit]

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