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The dashboard is the interface that you see whenever you load the game. It also serves as an overlay during a middle of a match or a replay. It is a hub for all aspects of the game. There is a bar on the top with several tabs, a settings button and a quit button. The right section of the dashboard contains the sidebar, which displays information about your profile.

How to set a DotA2 dashboard avatar

First open your console, then type one of the following:

  • dota_set_avatar 0 - Default
  • dota_set_avatar 1 - Crystal Maiden
  • dota_set_avatar 2 - Kunkka
  • dota_set_avatar 3 - Faceless Void
  • dota_set_avatar 4 - Furion
  • dota_set_avatar 5 - Yurnero
  • dota_set_avatar 6 - Bloodseeker
  • dota_set_avatar 7 - Lich
  • dota_set_avatar 8 - Axe
  • dota_set_avatar 9 - Pudge
  • dota_set_avatar 10 - Puck


The settings are accessed by clicking on the small button on the top left with a picture of a gear. Here you can configure your controls, graphical detail and audio. It is suggested for you to take a look at it and change some settings to suit your system and style of play.



The Today tab opens up the Dota 2 website using the steam browser. The Blog tab lets you view the development of the game as well as any official announcements. The Updates tab lets you see the changelogs of every update. The News tab informs you about anything of interest taking place in the Dota 2 community. The International tab is only temporary, though it shows up during The International tournaments to help you keep track of the matches.


The Customize tab is where you can customize your heroes. The Shop tab accesses the in-game shop, which lets you buy non-gameplay altering cosmetic items to equip on your heroes using micro-transactions. The Backpack tab shows you all of your items you have bought or found. The Loadout tab lets you pick a hero you want to customize to access its loadout, where you can equip cosmetic items for them. The Workshop tab lets you upload your own items to the Steam Workshop to be evaluated by the community and have a chance to be included in-game as an actual cosmetic.


The Play tab is easily the tab you will use the most. It lets you join a matchmaking game and create your own lobbies.


The Watch tab lets you watch replays or spectate matches to help you observe and learn from how others play. The Tournaments tab lets you view matches from professional tournaments. The Live Games tab lets you spectate games that are currently going on. In addition to the player names for each team, it will also include a special graphic that shows how many towers have fallen currently. The Recent Games tab lets you watch matches that have just finished.


The Learn tab also accesses the Dota 2 website, though it gives you helpful information for beginners. The Heroes tab lets you choose a hero to learn about their abilities and statistics. The Items lets you learn about the vast amounts of items in the game. As you are reading this guide, you probably wouldn't need to open these tabs very much.


The Community tab lets you see socialize or find information about other players. The Player Spotlight showcases the top players for each week including the top farmer of the week. The Team List lets you search for tournament teams. The Create Team tab lets you create your own team consisting of you and your friends.



Hero Picker[edit]