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Dota 2 has a very vast selection of items, each having their own effects. Most items can be bought from the Main Shop by the fountain, but some items can only be bought from the Secret Shop.


These items will grant basic effects and usually serve as components for better, more expensive items.


Name Picture Cost Effect Use
Clarity Dota 2 clarity.png 50 Restores 100 mana over 30 seconds. Effect stops if user is attacked A good starting item for mana-heavy heroes, especially if you will be spamming abilities in lane.
Tango Dota 2 tango.png 125 Eat Tree - Consume a tree to restore 115 hp over 16 seconds. Comes with 4 charges. Can be targeted on an allied hero to give them 1 charge, which has a 60 second cooldown. A good starting health regen item for any hero. It isn't interrupted by attacks or cost as much as a Healing Salve, but takes longer to heal and heals less.
Healing Salve Dota 2 salve.png 115 Regenerate - Restores 400 hp over 10 seconds. The effect will be lost if the user is attacked. Another starting health regen item. Heals more health quickly than the tangos, but the effect can be easily cancelled. It's usually a good idea to buy one of both at the start to get some versatility in health regen.
Smoke of Deceit Dota 2 snoke.png 100 Makes the user and every nearby allied heroes will become invisible as well as gaining 15% movement speed for 40 seconds. Moving within 1025 range of an enemy hero or tower will drop the invisibility. Has a cooldown of 90 seconds. An item usually picked up by gankers to slip by Observer Wards and gain the element of surprise when ganking. Also commonly used on the whole team when trying to force a teamfight or eliminate an important hero like the enemy carry.
Town Portal Scroll Dota 2 tps.png 135 Teleport - Teleports the user to a targeted friendly building. Has a cooldown of 65 seconds and costs 75 mana. It's a good idea to always carry a TPS wherever you are, as it reduces the time taken to go back to the fountain to heal then returning to the lane. You can also switch lanes at a moment's notice, either to farm or push an undefended lane or to help defend a tower.
Dust of Appearance Dota 2 dust.png 180 Reveal - Reveals invisible heroes in a 1050 radius AoE for 12 seconds and slows them by 15%. Has a cooldown of 60 seconds and costs 5 mana. Usually bought by supports to counter an enemy hero that relies on invisibility, like Bounty Hunter or Riki. Also bought if you suspect the enemy is going for a smoke gank.
Animal Courier Dota 2 courier.png 150 Carries items from your base to you and your allies. It also has an inventory of 6 slots and can use some items that don't require mana like Healing Salves on enemy heroes. It is magic immune, but only has 75 hp. If it dies, it will give an 175 gold to every enemy hero. It will respawn in 3 minutes, during which your team cannot access the items that the courier was carrying. The courier is one of those items your team simply can't do without. The trip from a lane to the fountain's main shop or the secret shop is very long, so running all the way back to buy something will mean you are missing a lot of farm in the lane. If you're a support buy either this or wards at the start of the game.
Flying Courier Dota 2 flying.png 220 Upgrades an existing Animal Courier. The courier can now fly across terrain and trees, letting it reach your allies faster. It also gains a new ability called Speed Burst which increases its movement speed by 50% for 20 seconds, but has a cooldown of 40 seconds. Can only be purchased 3 minutes after creeps spawn. It's recommended to get a Flying Courier after the game has progressed for some time as the reduced time for the courier to travel between the fountain and your team is very helpful.
Observer Ward Dota 2 observer.png 150 Places a ward that grants vision of a 1600 radius of area. These wards last for 7 minutes, have invisibility and has a restock time of 6 minutes in the shop. Comes in pairs. Destroying an Observer Ward will give 50 gold to the hero that destroyed it. The Observer Ward is absolutely crucial to victory. Vision of an area is an extremely powerful tool as it can detect enemy heroes entering your jungle going for a gank. It can also be used to guard rune spots or block neutral creep camps. If you are playing the support, either get this at the start or the courier, and always remember to buy a new pair of wards once the previous one expires.
Sentry Ward Dota 2 sentry.png 200 Places a Sentry Ward that grants true sight, which reveals invisible units, in an 800 radius area around it. They are invisible, lasts only 4 minutes but doesn't have a limited stock. They also gives normal vision in an 150 radius around them for the first 12 seconds after they are placed. Sentry Wards are usually used for counter-warding, which is the tactic of revealing enemy Observer Wards so your team can destroy them. Since vision is so important for either team, denying them vision by taking out their Observer Wards can give your team an immense advantage. While it can also be used to reveal invisible enemies, usually a Dust of Appearance will be enough.
Bottle Dota 2 bottle.png 650 Regenerate - Refills 135 hp and 70 mana in 3 seconds. Comes with 3 charges which can be replenished when near a fountain. It can also be used to store runes for later use, which will also fully replenish the charges in the bottle. Slows Courier by 30% when empty. Almost always picked up for the hero soloing mid. It helps them stay in lane against constant harssment as well as granting your team rune control, which a solo mid hero can easily do as they are close to both rune spots. Bottled up runes can come into handy when going for a gank or a push.


Attributes are items that increase your Strength, Agility and Intelligence. They are also components for stronger items.

Name Picture Cost Effect Use
Iron Branches Dota 2 item branches.png 53 +1 to all attributes Iron Branches is a very cost-effecient item. 3 branches give the same effect as a gauntlet, a slipper and a mantle for only about a third of the price. It gives you a good mix of survivability and damage. If you bought all your starting items and have leftover gold, and don't plan to save for any items, get iron branches. It is also a required component for making a Magic Wand or a Mekansm, the former a staple item for almost all heroes while the latter a very good support item. There's a reason it's nicknamed the GG branches.
Gauntlets of Strength Dota 2 items gauntlet.png 150 +3 strength Usually picked up by fragile heroes for more survivability or strength carries for damage. It can then be upgraded into a Bracer or an Urn of Shadows, both of which are items that increase your survivability.
Slippers of Agility Dota 2 items slipper.png 150 +3 agility A starting item for carries, especially agility carries. It can be used to make early-game carry items like a Poor Man's Shield or Wraith Bands.
Mantle of Intelligence Dota 2 items mantle.png 150 +3 intelligence Less common than other starting attribute items, it's usually picked up by mana-starved heroes or ability-reliant spellcasters. It can be used to make a Null Talisman, a common early game item for spellcasters.
Circlet Dota 2 items circlet.png 185 +2 to all attributes Usually picked up to finish a Bracer, a Wraith Band and a Null Talisman.
Belt of Strength Dota 2 items belt.png 450 +6 strength Can be made into Power Treads which is a common boot upgrade or into powerful late-game items Sange, Necronomicon or Skull Basher.
Band of Elvenskin Dota 2 items band.png 450 +6 agility Can be made into Power Treads or into a Yasha.
Robe of the Magi Dota 2 items robe.png 450 +6 intelligence Part of Power Treads recipe. Can also be made into a drum, a blademail, a diffusal blade or an oblivion staff.
Ogre Club Dota 2 items club.png 1000 +10 strength Used to make the powerful late-game items Aghanim's Scepter, BKB or Sange.
Blade of Alacrity Dota 2 items alacrity.png 1000 +10 agility Used to make an Aghanim's, a Diffusal Blade or a Yasha.
Staff of Wizardry Dota 2 items staff.png 1000 +10 intelligence Used for making a variety of items, which are an Aghanim's, a Dagon, an Eul's, a Force Staff, a Necrobook or a Rod.
Ultimate Orb Dota 2 items ult orb.png 2100 +10 to all attributes Used to make the potent late-game items Eye of Skadi, Scythe of Vyse, Linken's Sphere and Manta Style


Arnaments grant the user slight boosts in offense and defense, but is mostly used as components of other items.

Name Picture Cost Effect Use
Ring of Protection Dota 2 items ring of protection.png 175 +2 armor Picked up early by anyone who needs the armor, especially some junglers. Can be made into a Ring of Basilius or Tranquil Boots.
Quelling Blade Dota 2 items quelling blade.png 225 Active: Destroy Tree/Ward - Cuts down a targeted tree and damages Observer and Sentry Wards by half of their maximum health. Has a 5 second cooldown.
Passive: Quell - Gives the wielder bonus damage when attacking non-hero units. 32% for melee heroes and 12% for ranged heroes.
Bought by carries and junglers early on to help with creep killing. Junglers can also use this to take shortcuts while in the jungle. The active ability can also be used to deward once an enemy ward is spotted.
Stout Shield Dota 2 items stout shield.png 250 Passive: Damage Block - Gives you a 60% chance to block damage depending on your attack type. Blocks 20 damage fore melee heroes and 10 damage for ranged heroes. Bought by carries to withstand harassment and also by anyone who needs survivability against physical attacks. Can be built into a Vanguard or a Poor Man's Shield.
Blades of Attack Dota 2 items blades of attack.png 450 +9 damage Can be used to make a Crystalys, an Armlet of Mordiggian or Phase Boots.
Chainmail Dota 2 items chainmail.png 550 +5 armor Used to make an Assault Cuirass, a Blademail, a Medallion of Courage or a Buckler
Helm of Iron Will Dota 2 items helm of iron will.png 950 +5 armor, +3 hp regeneration Gives a nice mix of stats. Used to make an Armlet of Mordiggian, a Helm of the Dominator or a Veil of Discord.
Broadsword Dota 2 items broadsword.png 1200 +18 damage Can be used to make a Crystalys, a Battle Fury or a Blade Mail.
Quarterstaff Dota 2 items quarterstaff.png 900 +10 damage, +10 attack speed Can be used to make an Oblivion Staff or a Butterfly.
Claymore Dota 2 items claymore.png 1400 +21 damage Used to make a Battle Fury or a Shadow Blade.
Javelin Dota 2 items javelin.png 1500 +21 damage
Passive: Pierce - Grants a 20% chance to do 40 bonus damage
Only 100 gold more expensive than the Claymore and it gives you a passive critical chance ability as well as the +10 damage. Used to make a Skull Basher or a Monkey King Bar.
Platemail Dota 2 items platemail.png 1400 +10 armor Used to make an Assault Cuirass or a Shiva's Guard.
Mithril Hammer Dota 2 items mithril hammer.png 1600 +24 damage Used to make a Black King Bar, a Maelstrom or a Desolator.


Items in the Arcane category grants bonuses related to health, mana and speed, with some items giving you special abilities. They are also used as components for better items.

Name Picture Cost Effect Use
Magic Stick Dota 2 items magic stick.png 200 Active: Energy Charge - Gains up to 10 charges every time an enemy nearby uses an ability. Restores 15 health and mana for each charge when activated. Has a cooldown of 13 seconds. A good early game pickup on almost every hero. It helps you keep your mana up while withstanding harassment from enemies. You can also make a Magic Wand if it if you want an improved Energy Charge.
Sage's Mask Dota 2 items sages mask.png 325 +50% mana regeneration Called Sobi Mask in DotA. Gives you good mana regeneration. It is also a component for an Eul's Scepter, a Medallion, an Oblivion Staff, a Ring of Basilius, a Soul Ring or an Urn.
Ring of Regen Dota 2 items ring of regen.png 350 +2 hp regeneration Bought for the slight increase in survivability it gives. Also used to make a Headdress, a Hood of Defiance, Tranquil Boots, a Soul Ring, a Force Staff or a Vladmir's Offering.
Boots of Speed Dota 2 items boots of speed.png 450 +50 movement speed. Doesn't stack with the passive movement speed bonus from other boots. Almost always a necessary early game item for most heroes, but don't make the mistake of most new players and buy it at the start. The movement speed it gives is very helpful for chasing or fleeing, especially since everyone else will also be getting a pair. Even if for some reason you don't need the bonus speed, the fact that it is a required component to make the other boots should be enough reason to get it.
Gloves of Haste Dota 2 items gloves of haste.png 500 +15 attack speed Good item for carries. It is used to make an Armlet, a Hand of Midas, a Maelstrom or Power Treads.
Cloak Dota 2 items cloak.png 550 +15% spell resistance. Doesn't stack with other magic-resistance items. Bought if there are powerful spellcasters on the enemy team. It can be used to make a Hood of Defiance which can be upgraded to a Pipe of Insight if you need more protection.
Gem of True Sight Dota 2 items gem of true sight.png 900 Passive: True Sight - Grants the ability to see invisible units and wards. Drops when the holder dies and can be picked up by other heroes. Getting this makes you a walking Sentry Ward, letting you spot and destroy enemy wards as well as reveal invisible enemies. However, it needs 10 minutes to restock in the shop and costs 850 gold, so dying will mean you just wasted all that gold without the ability to buy it back and possibly giving the enemy the advantage of True Sight. And once an enemy realises you have a gem, they will be trying to kill you to drop it.
Morbid Mask Dota 2 items morbid mask.png 900 Passive: Lifesteal - Grants 15% lifesteal for every attack. It's a Unique Attack Modifier that doesn't stack with other Unique Attack Modifiers. Picked up by carries and junglers for extra survivability. If you want a better lifesteal effect, you can upgrade it into a Helm of the Dominator, a Mask of Madness or a Vladmir's Offering.
Ghost Scepter Dota 2 items ghost scepter.png 1600 +7 to all attributes
Active: Ghost Form - Enters ghost form for 4 seconds, during which the user cannot use his rightclick attacks or be harmed by physical damage, but take 40% more damage from magical damage. Using a channeled teleport ability will cancel it. Has a cooldown of 30 seconds.
Usually bought during the mid-late game by supports who can't survive many hits from carries. It can be upgraded into an Ethereal Blade.
Talisman of Evasion Dota 2 items talisman of evasion.png 1800 +25% evasion Bought by carries to make them harder to take down. It can be made into a Butterfly or a Heaven's Halberd.
Blink Dagger Dota 2 items blink dagger.png 2150 Active: Blink - Instantly teleport to an area up to 1200 units away. Cannot be used if the user has taken damage in the past 3 seconds. Costs 75 mana and has a cooldown of 12 seconds. A good item for almost any hero, and an almost necessary item for initiators. Blink can surprise enemies as you begin a teamfight, or to escape pursuing enemies.
Shadow Amulet Dota 2 items shadow amulet.png 1600 +30 attack speed
Active: Fade - Turns the user invisible after 1.8 seconds for an infinite amount of time. If the user moves, the invisibility is lost.
The invisiblity granted by Fade, although it doesn't help users escape, can make them untargetable by target unit abilities for a short duration. The attack speed is also an excellent bonus that benefits carries. It is used to make a Shadow Blade.


These items are usually combinations of basic items. Some of them require you to purchase a recipe to complete the item.


Common items are upgrades that don't fit in any category.

Name Picture Cost Components Effect Use
Wraith Band Dota 2 items wraith band.png 485 (150) 1 Circlet + 1 Slippers of Agility + 1 Wraith Band Recipe +3 strength, +6 agility, +3 intelligence, +3 damage Commonly picked up by agility carries who wants better damage and attack speed as well as a good mix of other stats. Used to make a Ring of Aquila.
Null Talisman Dota 2 items null talisman.png 470 (135) 1 Circlet + 1 Mantle of Intelligence + 1 Null Talisman Recipe +3 strength, +3 agility, +6 intelligence, +3 damage Bought by spell-casters as well as mana-starved heroes for more mana and a good mox of stats. Used to make the powerful Dagon as well as the Veil of Discord.
Magic Wand Dota 2 items magic wand.png 509 (150) 3 Iron Branches + 1 Magic Stick + 1 Magic Wand Recipe +3 to all attributes
Active: Energy Charge - Gain a charge every time an enemy uses an ability, up to 15 charges. When activated, restores 15 health and mana per charge. Has a 13 second cooldown.
An upgrade from the Magic Stick, it can restore more health and mana in total. It is still a very cheap healing item that will remain useful until the mid-late stages of the game. A quick burst of 225 hp can mean the difference between escaping and dying.
Bracer Dota 2 items bracer.png 525 (190) 1 Circlet + 1 Gauntlets of Strength + 1 Bracer Recipe +6 strength, +3 agility, +3 intelligence, +3 damage Usually bought by supports and other fragile heroes as a cheap way to improve survivability as well as other stats. Used to make a Drum of Endurance.
Poor Man's Shield Dota 2 items poor mans shield.png 550 1 Stout Shield + 2 Slippers of Agility +6 ability
Passive: Damage Block: - Blocks damage from physical attacks. Will block 20 damage for melee heroes and 10 for ranged heroes. Will always block damage from heroes but has a 60% chance of blocking damage from creeps.
An upgrade to the Stout Shield, it will now always block damage from heroes, so it serves as a useful and relatively cheap defensive item.
Soul Ring Dota 2 items soul ring.png 800 (125) 1 Ring of Regen + 1 Sage's Mask + 1 Soul Ring Recipe +3 HP Regeneration, +50% mana regeneration
Active: Sacrifice - Exchange 150 for 150 mana for 10 seconds. If your mana pool cannot contain the extra mana it will not be lost. The hp lost cannot kill you. Has a cooldown of 30 seconds.
For heroes that like to spam abilities and can afford to lose some health. It also grants moderately good stats.
Phase Boots Dota 2 items phase boots.png 1350 1 Boots of Speed + 2 Blades of Attack +50 movement speed, +24 damage. The passive movement speed bonus will not stack with other boots.
Active: Phase - Increases your movement speed by 16% and allows you to move through units for 4 seconds. It will be canceled when using another item or ability. Has a cooldown of 8 seconds.
The boot upgrade for heroes with poor mobility. The Phase ability helps you catch up to enemies or escape.
Power Treads Dota 2 items power treads.png 1400 1 Gloves of Haste + 1 Boots of Speed + 1 Belt of Strength/Band of Elevenskin/Robe of the Magi +50 movement speed, +8 selected attribute, +30 attack speed. The movement speed bonus it grants does not stack with other boots.
Active: Switch Attribute - The bonus attribute Power Treads initially grants is based on the attribute item used in the recipe. Using it will change the attribute bonus to other attributes. The order of the selected attributes are Strength to Agility to Intelligence.
A very versatile boot upgrade and a solid choice for most heroes. You can choose to get more survivability, damage output or mana at any time. This can be very useful for any fragile heroes or heroes with a poor mana pool, as they can switch between the attribute bonus they need most during the current situation on a whim.
Oblivion Staff Dota 2 items oblivion staff.png 1675 1 Quarterstaff + 1 Sage's Mask + 1 Robe of the Magi +6 intelligence, +10 attack speed, +15 damage, +75% mana regeneration Gives you a good mix of stats and nothing else, it's more of a mid-game recipe item. It can be used to make a Orchid Malevolence or a Refresher Orb.
Perseverance Dota 2 items perseverance.png 1750 1 Ring of Health + 1 Void Stone +10 damage, +5 hp regeneration, +125% mana regeneration Helps you stay in fights longer with its hp and mana regen boosts. It can be used to make a Battle Fury, a Linken's Sphere, a Bloodstone or a Refresher Orb.
Hand of Midas Dota 2 items hand of midas.png 2050 (1550) 1 Gloves of Haste + 1 Hand of Midas Recipe +30 attack speed
Active: Transmute - Kills a non-hero target for an extra 190 reliable gold and 2.5x the normal xp. Cannot be used on ancients. Has a cooldown of 100 seconds
Usually gotten by junglers and carries to improve their farm.
Boots of Travel Dota 2 items boots of travel.png 2500 (2000) 1 Boots of Speed + 1 Boots of Travel Recipe +100 movement speed. The bonus movement speed does not stack with other boots.
Active: Teleport - Teleports to an allied building or non-hero unit after a short channeling time. Has a cooldown of 60 and costs 75 mana.
Greatly improves your mobility. After all, it's not only the boot upgrade that gives you the highest movement speed bonus, but it makes TP Scrolls obsolete. However, it's also the most expensive of the boot upgrades and other boots will be more useful to you during the mid game. Only get it as a luxury item if you have a bunch of leftover money.


Support, as its name suggests, are items bought that will benefit you allies.

Name Picture Cost Components Effect Use
Ring of Basilius Dota 2 items ring of basilius.png 500 1 Sage's Mask + 1 Ring of Protection +6 damage, +1 armor
Passive: Basilius Aura - Grants 0.65 mana regeneration and 2 bonus armor to allied units in an area of 900 radius around the holder. Can be toggled so that it stops affecting non-hero units. Multiple instances of Basilius Aura does not stack.
A relatively cheap item that will benefit your allies during pushes and teamfights. Also sometimes bought by carries who just needs the bonus armor and damage. Can be upgraded into a Ring of Aquila or used to make a Vladmir's Offering.
Headdress Dota 2 items headdress.png 603 (200) 1 Ring of Regen + 1 Iron Branch + 1 Headdress Recipe +2 to all attribute
Passive: Regeneration Aura - Gives 3 bonus health regeneration to all allied units in an area of 750 radius around you. Multiple instance of Regeneration Aura does not stack.
Picked up by supports or anyone looking for survivability, as hp regen is always useful in battle. Can be used to make a Mekansm.
Buckler Dota 2 items buckler.png 803 (200) 1 Chainmail + 1 Iron Branch + 1 Buckler Recipe +5 armor, +2 to all attributes
Active: Armor Bonus - Gives 2 bonus armor to allied units in an area of 750 radius. Lasts 25 seconds on heroes and 30 seconds on creeps. Costs 10 mana and has a cooldown of 25 seconds.
Picked by by supports and heroes who want more armor. More armor effectively increases your teammates hp.
Urn of Shadows Dota 2 items urn of shadows.png 875 (250) 1 Sage's Mask + 2 Gauntlets of Strength +50% mana regeneration, +6 strength
Active: Soul Release - Gains a charge anytime an enemy hero dies within 1400 units of the holder. Only the urn closest to the dead hero will gain a charge. Uses 1 charge upon activation which will heal an ally for 400 hp or damage an enemy for 150 hp over 4 seconds. The heal will be lost if the ally takes any damage from an enemy hero or tower. Has a cooldown of 7 seconds.
Usually picked up by gankers or any "in the fray" heroes. A 400 hp heal is pretty hard to come by, though the damage it deals to enemies is pretty lackluster. Only use it on enemies if they are critically wounded and you need to finish them off.
Ring of Aquila Dota 2 items ring of aquila.png 985 1 Wraith Band + 1 Ring of Basilius +9 damage, +3 to all attributes, +3 agility, +1 armor
Passive: Aquila Aura - Grants 0.65 mana regeneration and 2 bonus armor to allied units in an area of 900 radius around the holder. Can be toggled so that it stops affecting non-hero units. Multiple instances of Aquila Aura doe not stack.
Basically a Ring of Basilius with improved stats.
Tranquil Boots Dota 2 items tranquil boots.png 975 1 Boots of Speed + 1 Ring of Protection + 1 Ring of Regen +85 movement speed, +4 armor, +10 hp regeneration. The movement speed bonus it provides does not stack with other boots.
Passive: Break - Becomes Boots of Speed with only 60 bonus movement speed if the user attacks or is attacked during the last 13 seconds.
The cheapest boot upgrade there is. A 250 hp heal can be life saving sometimes. Usually bought by supports who aren't getting a lot of farm and need items to counter their fragility.
Medallion of Courage Dota 2 items medallion of courage.png 1075 (200) 1 Chainmail + 1 Sage's Mask + 1 Medallion of Courage Recipe +6 armor, +50% mana regeneration
Active: Valor - Gives 6 armor reduction to you and the target enemy for 7 seconds. Has a cooldown of 7 seconds.
The cooldown and duration means you can use it constantly as long as you don't mind the armor reduction you take. Usually bought by strong duelists or supports, though it is also bought by solo-Roshan heroes to help them take Roshan down.
Arcane Boots Dota 2 items arcane boots.png 1450 1 Energy Booster + 1 Boots of Speed +55 movement speed, +250 mana. The movement speed it provides does not stack with other boots.
Active: Replenish Mana - Restores 135 mana to allied units in an area in a 600 radius around the wearer. Costs 25 mana and has a cooldown of 55 seconds.
Very commonly bought by supports and any heroes that relies on their spells or simply have a small mana pool. 135 mana might not seem much, but it might just be enough to give an ally enough mana for a stun or escape move.
Drum of Endurance Dota 2 items drum of endurance.png 1775 (800) 1 Bracer + 1 Robe of the Magi + 1 Drum of Endurance Recipe +9 all attribute, +3 damage
Active: Endurance - Starts with 4 charges and uses 1 charge every time it's activated. Gives 10 bonus attack speed and 10% movement speed to all allied units in an area of 900 radius around the holder for 6 seconds. Charges must be replenished by buying the recipe again. Has a cooldown of 30 seconds
Passive: Swiftness Aura - Gives 5 bonus attack speed and 5% bonus movement speed to all allied units in an area of 900 radius around the holder. Multiple instances of Swiftness Aura does not stack.
Occasionally referred to as Janggos. The bonus speed is useful offensively and defensively, offensively to buff up your carries and defensively to help your allies escape.
Vladmir's Offering Dota 2 items vladmirs offering.png 2050 (300) 1 Ring of Regen + 1 Ring of Basilius + 1 Morbid Mask + 1 Vladmir's Offering Recipe +2 hp regeneration
Passive: Vladmir's Aura - Grants a variety of bonuses to allied units in an area of 900 radius around the holder. Grants a stackable 16% lifesteal effect that only affects melee units, 15% bonus damage, 5 bonus armor and 0.8 bonus mana regeneration. Multiple instances of Vladmir's Aura does not stack.
A helpful item that is rushed by a lot of heroes. It is usually bought by junglers and carries for the lifesteal, but all the other effects are also quite useful.
Mekansm Dota 2 items mekansm.png 2306 (900) 1 Headdress + 1 Buckler + 1 Mekansm Recipe +5 to all attributes, +5 armor
Active: Restore - Heals 250 hp and gives 2 bonus armor to allied units in an area of 750 radius for 25 seconds. Costs 150 mana and has a cooldown of 45 seconds.
Passive: Mekansm Aura - Grants 4 bonus health regeneration to allied units in an area of 750 radius around the holder. Multiple instance of Mekansm Aura does not stack.
One of the two must-have support items. It is a good idea to have one player with a Mek on your team, but no more than that, as its aura doesn't stack. The aura and heal will make your team much more survivable during large skirmishes.
Pipe of Insight Dota 2 items pipe of insight.png 3628 (900) 1 Hood of Defiance + 1 Headdress + 1 Pipe of Insight Recipe +11 hp regeneration, +30% spell resistance. The magic resistance does not stack with other items.
Active: Barrier - Gives allied units in an area of 900 radius around the holder a shield that blocks 400 magical damage for 10 seconds. Costs 100 mana and has a cooldown of 60 seconds.
The other must-have support item. The magic barrier is very useful, especially if there are a lot of damaging spellcasters on the enemy team. Using Barrier as abilities start to be casted can let your team tank a lot of magic damage during a teamfight.


The caster category includes items that come with powerful spells.

Name Picture Cost Components Effect Use
Force Staff Dota 2 items force staff.png 2250 (900) 1 Staff of Wizardry + 1 Ring of Regen + 1 Force Staff Recipe +10 intelligence, +3 hp regeneration
Active: Force - Pushes any target 600 units in the direction they are currently facing. Can be self-cast by double-tapping. Costs 25 mana and has a cooldown of 20 seconds
While it is only slightly more expensive than a Blink Dagger, it also offers a boost in mobility. The difference is that you don't have the element of surprise that you get for blinking, but you can force units other than yourself. The Force ability can help your ally escape enemies, or to force them straight into your team.
Necronomicon Dota 2 items necronomicon.png 2700 (1250) 1 Staff of Wizardry + 1 Belt of Strength + 1 Necronomicon Recipe +15 / 21 / 24 intelligence, +8 / 12 / 16 strength. Buy the recipe again to level it up.
Active: Demonic Summoning - Summons a Necronomicon Warrior and a Necronomicon Archer to fight for you. Their power increases with each level. Lasts 40 seconds. Costs 50 mana and has a cooldown of 80 seconds.
If you are good at micro-management, you can make use this item very effectively. The summoned units' mana draining abilities can be really annoying to spellcasters. The Warrior can be used as a suicide unit to do great damage to enemies or to scout, while you can let the Archer stay near your team for its aura.
Eul's Scepter of Divinity Dota 2 items euls scepter.png 2700 (500) 1 Staff of Wizardry + 1 Sage's Mask + 1 Void Stone + 1 Eul's Scepter of Divinity Recipe +10 intelligence, +150% mana regeneration, +40% movement speed. The movement speed bonus does not stack with other Eul's Scepters.
Active: Cyclone - The targeted unit is swept up in a cyclone for 2.5 seconds, disabling it but making it invulnerable. Double tap to self-cast. Costs 75 mana and has a cooldown of 25 seconds.
The Cyclone ability can help save an ally or yourself or just to buy you some time, as you are invulnerable when in the air. It can also be a decent disable against enemy heroes, though be sure your team knows who you're going to Cyclone, or else you might end up wasting their spells on an invulnerable target.
Dagon Dota 2 items dagon.png 2800 (1250) 1 Staff of Wizardry + 1 Null Talisman + 1 Dagon Recipe +13 / 15 / 17 / 19 / 21 intelligence, +3 to all attributes, +9 damage. Buy the recipe again to upgrade it.
Active: Energy Burst Does a burst of 400 / 500 / 600 / 700 / 800 damage to the target. Costs 180 / 160 / 140 / 120 / 100 mana and has a cooldown of 35 / 30 / 25 / 20 / 15 seconds.
A great source of burst damage. The damage can become very strong at higher levels, matching the power of ultimates. However, leveling it up is expensive, and at level 5 it would have costed you more gold than to buy any other item in the game.
Veil of Discord Dota 2 items veil of discord.png 2650 (1250) 1 Helm of Iron Will + 1 Null Talisman + 1 Veil of Discord Recipe +6 armor, +3 strength, +3 agility, +6 intelligence, +3 damage +6 hp regeneration
Active: Magic Weakness - Emits a blast of magic that weakens enemies in a 800 radius area around the user, making them take 25% extra magical damage for 25 seconds. Costs 75 mana and has a cooldown of 30 seconds.
An excellent item to soften up your enemies before your team's casters start throwing spells. Since every hero has a base magic resistance of 25%, you're effectively negating that magic resistance, making then take full damage from magical attacks.
Rod of Atos Dota 2 items rod of atos.png 3100 2 Staves of Wizardry + 1 Vitality Booster +25 intelligence, +325 health
Active: Cripple - Slows the target's move speed by 60% for 4 seconds. Costs 50 mana and has a cooldown of 12 seconds.
A useful slow that you can get for heroes that don't have any natural slows. 50% is a pretty significant amount, and might just be enough to catch up to and finish off a target.
Aghanim's Scepter Dota 2 items aghanims scepter.png 4200 1 Point Booster + 1 Staff of Wizardry + 1 Ogre Club + 1 Blade of Alacrity +10 to all attributes, +200 health, +150 mana
Passive: Ultimate Upgrade - Upgrades the ultimates of certain heroes.
Since it grants different effects to different heroes, its usefulness varies depending on who you get it for. The ultimate upgrades will be detailed on the hero page of heroes who benefit from it.
Orchid Malevolence Dota 2 items orchid malevolence.png 5025 (775) 2 Oblivion Staves + 1 Orchid Malevolence Recipe +25 intelligence, +30 attack speed, +30 damage, +150% mana regeneration
Active: Soul Burn - Silences the target and amplifies all damage it takes by 30% for 5 seconds. Costs 100 mana and has a cooldown of 18 seconds.
Can render an enemy spellcaster defenseless, while your team shreds the target. It also gives you a great mix of stats that helps intelligence and agility heroes.
Refresher Orb Dota 2 items refresher orb.png 5300 (1875) 1 Oblivion Staff + 1 Perseverance + 1 Refresher Orb Recipe +5 hp regeneration, +200% mana regeneration, +40 damage, +6 intelligence, +10 attack speed
Active: Reset Cooldowns - Resets the cooldowns of the holder's abilities and items. Costs 375 mana and has a cooldown of 160 seconds.
While its effect is pretty powerful, it isn't very commonly picked up except for when your team is completely stomping the other team. Being able to reset all your cooldowns is very useful, and can let you pull off amazing ability combos such as double ultimates. It does cost a lot of mana to use. Don't try to have infinite reset cooldowns by buying multiple orbs, since Refresher Orbs all share the same cooldown, so you can't just refresh the cooldown of another orb.
Scythe of Vyse Dota 2 items scythe of vyse.png 5675 1 Mystic Staff + 1 Ultimate Orb + 1 Void Stone +10 strength, +10 agility, +35 intlligence, +150% mana regeneration
Active: Hex - Turns the target into a harmless piglet for 3.5 seconds, rendering them unable to attack or cast spells while slowing them to minimum movement speed. Instantly destroys illusions. Costs 100 mana and has a cooldown of 35 seconds.
Hex is perhaps the best disable in the game. It makes the target completely helpless against attacks, and 3.5 seconds should be enough for your team to take any hero down.

The stats for the necronomicon units:

Necronomicon Warrior
Health 400 / 600 / 800
Damage 25 / 50 / 75
Armor 6 / 8 / 10
Magic Resistance 40%
Move Speed 330 / 360 / 390
Sight Range 800/800
Attack Range 100
Bounty 100 / 125 / 150
Abilities Passive: Mana Break - Burns 25 / 50 / 75 mana per hit, 60% of which is dealt as bonus damage.
Passive: Last Will - Does 400 / 500 / 600 damage to the unit that kills the Necronomicon Warrior.
Passive: True Sight - Reveals invisible units in an area of 1000 radius around the warrior. Only available in level 3
Necronomicon Archer
Health 400 / 600 / 800
Damage 40 / 80 / 120
Armor 6 / 8 / 10
Magic Resistance 40%
Move Speed 330 / 360 / 390
Sight Range 1300/1300 (+100 every level)
Attack Range 350 / 450 / 550
Projectile Speed 900
Bounty 100 / 125 / 150
Abilities Active: Mana Burn - Burns 125 / 175 / 225 mana from the target unit. Has a range of 600 and a cooldown of 20 seconds
Passive: Attack Speed and Movement Aura - Increases the attack and movement speed of allied units by 3% / 6% / 9% in an area of 900 radius around the Necronomicon Archer.


Weapons increase their wielder's power, improving their normal attacks.

Name Picture Cost Components Effect Use
Crystalys Dota 2 items crystalys.png 2150 (500) 1 Broadsword + 1 Blades of Attack + 1 Crystalys Recipe +30 damage
Passive: Critical Strike - Grants a 20% chance to do 175% of your normal damage for one attack.
The damage bonus in addition to Critical Strike makes it great for increasing its wielder's damage output. Usually picked up by carries and other physical damage dealers. It can be upgraded into a Daedalus.
Armlet of Mordiggian Dota 2 items armlet of mordiggian.png 2600 (700) 1 Helm of Iron Will + 1 Gloves of Haste + 1 Blades of Attack + 1 Armlet of Mordiggian Recipe +9 damage, +15 attack speed, +5 armor, +7 hp regeneration
Active: Unholy Strength - Gives +31 damage, +10 attack speed and +25 strength when active, provided gradually over 0.7 seconds, but drains 40 hp per second. The health drain or the lost of bonus strength cannot kill the wearer. Can be toggled on or off at anytime.
Other than a good mix of stats, the ability it gives can increase its wielder's power or survivability. Unholy Strength makes carries much stronger, especially strength carries, who not only benefit from the damage and attack speed, but from extra damage from the strength bonus. The sudden increase of strength can also keep a hero alive when critically wounded.
Skull Basher Dota 2 items skull basher.png 2950 (1000) 1 Belt of Strength + 1 Javelin + 1 Skull Basher Recipe +40 damage, +6 strength
Passive: Bash - Gives a chance to stun an enemy for 1.4 seconds. Has a 25% chance for melee heroes and a 10% chance for ranged heroes. Has a 2 second cooldown between bashes.
The Bash it gives is quite dangerous with a fast attack speed, which makes it a popular choice for carries. If the wielder gets lucky, they can potentially stun-lock an enemy hero to death. It also grants a decent increase in damage. Can be upgraded to an Abyssal Blade.
Shadow Blade Dota 2 items shadow blade.png 3000 1 Claymore + 1 Shadow Amulet +22 damage, +30 attack speed
Active: Shadow Walk - Makes the wielder invisible for 12 seconds, or until the wielder attacks or use a spell. While invisible, the wielder will move 20% faster and can move through units. If the invisibility is broken through an attack, that attack will do 150 bonus damage. Costs 75 mana and has a cooldown of 28 seconds.
Other than the stat bonuses, it grants a useful, if not slightly gimmicky, ability. Shadow Walk can be used to initiate a kill or to escape, but it can easily be countered by invisibility detection, which good teams will purchase if they realize an opponent has a Shadow Blade. It is usually bought by carries who lack a good invisiblity or blinking ability, as even though a Blink Dagger or Force Staff are better for mobility purposes, the stats granted by a Shadow Blade is much more useful for carries.
Battle Fury Dota 2 items battle fury.png 4350 1 Broadsword + 1 Claymore + 1 Perseverance +65 damage, +6 hp regeneration, +150% mana regeneration
Passive: Cleave Deals 35% of your normal damage to enemy units in a 225 area of effect. Cleave damage will not be reduced by armor and is fully stackable with other items. Does not work for ranged heroes.
A popular choice for melee carries for easier farming or to get increased teamfight presence. The Cleave effect lets its wielders farm creep waves and jungle camps with ease, helping them get gold efficiently. The effect can also be very deadly against grouped-up enemy heroes, as attacking just one hero will result in a bunch of wounded heroes around it. It also grants an excellent mix of stats.
Ethereal Blade Dota 2 items ethereal blade.png 4900 1 Eaglesong + 1 Ghost Scepter +40 agility, +10 strength, +10 intelligence
Active: Ether Blast - Turns the wielder and the target into an ethereal state, dealing 2 times the wielder's primary attribute plus 75 magical damage. While in ethereal form, the target will be slowed by 80%, cannot attack or be attacked and takes 40% more magical damage. If cast on an ally, the damage and slow will not activate. Lasts 3 seconds on enemies, 4 on self or allies. Costs 150 mana and has a cooldown of 30 seconds.
Unlike the Ghost Scepter, Ethereal Blade serves a more offensive purpose. It is generally bought by strong semi-carry spellcasters or just carries who has a high primary attribute. Ether Blast can be very damaging and scales quite well with the user's primary attribute. A technique that's popularly called the "shotgun" involves using Ether Blast, then casting all spells within the 3 seconds for a lot of burst damage.
Radiance Dota 2 items radiance.png 5150 (1350) 1 Sacred Relic + 1 Radiance Recipe +60 damage
Passive: Burn Damage - Do 50 damage per second in a 700 radius around the wielder. Can be toggled on or off at anytime.
Burn Damage can be a very threatening passive, which makes it an excellent item for heroes that need some extra damage.
Monkey King Bar Dota 2 items monkey king bar.png 5400 1 Demon Edge + 2 Javelins +88 damage, +15 attack speed
Passive: Mini-Bash - Gives a 35% chance to mini-bash that stuns the target for 0.01 seconds and do 100 bonus damage.
Passive: True Strike - Prevents the wielder's attacks from missing.
A situational item that is usually only gotten when the enemy team has evasion or miss-inducing abilities, though it will not work against Void's Backtrack. The bonus stat and mini-bash is great for getting higher damage output.
Daedalus Dota 2 items daedalus.png 5550 (1000) 1 Crystalys + 1 Demon Edge + 1 Daedalus Recipe +81 damage
Passive: Critical Strike - Grants a 25% chance to do 240% of your normal damage for each attack.
Basically an upgrade to the Crystalys. If you feel that you need more damage, it can be an item to consider. A critical hit that almost does three times your damage is not to be underestimated.
Butterfly Dota 2 items butterfly.png 6000 1 Talisman of Evasion + 1 Quarterstaff + 1 Eaglesong +30 agility, +30 damage, +35% evasion, +30 attack speed An excellent item for agility carries and carries in general. The bonus stats it gives are all for increasing your damage output, while the evasion is handy for more fragile carries.
Divine Rapier Dota 2 items divine rapier.png 6200 1 Sacred Relic + 1 Demon Edge +300 damage. Drops upon death. It is muted after dropping even after an ally picks it up, but becomes unmuted once an enemy picks it up. Muted rapiers do not grant the damage bonus. Only buy this item if your team is sufficiently farmed and has a significant advantage over the enemy team. With it your damage output becomes ridiculous, since you're effectively dishing out more damage than most level 4 spells with each attack. However, once the enemy team realizes you have a rapier, you will be a priority target, and dying to them could provide them with a free rapier, something that you want to avoid.
Abyssal Blade Dota 2 items abyssal blade.png 6750 1 Skull Basher + 1 Sacred Relic +100 damage, +10 strength
Active: Overwhelm - Stuns a target for 2 seconds. Ignores magic immunity. Costs 150 mana and has a cooldown of 60 seconds.
Passive: Bash - Gives a chance to stun for 1.4 seconds for one attack. A 25% chance for melee heroes and a 10% chance for ranged heroes.
A straight upgrade from the Skull Basher, though the Bash passive remains unchanged. It gives you a lot of bonus damage. Overwhelm could be useful if you need something to lock down enemies without having disables or any supports following you.


Armor items grant strong defensive abilities to its wearer.

Name Picture Cost Components Effect Use
Hood of Defiance Dota 2 items hood of defiance.png 2125 1 Ring of Health + 1 Cloak + 2 Rings of Regen +8 hp regeneration, +30% magic resistance. The magic resistance bonus does not stack with other items. This is the best magic resistance item you can get. It should be considered if there are many dangerous spellcasters like Zeus or Lina on the enemy team.
Blade Mail Dota 2 items blade mail.png 2200 1 Broadsword + 1 Chainmail + 1 Robe of the Magi +22 damage, +6 armor, +10 intelligence
Active: Damage Return - For 4.5 seconds, any damage the wearer takes will be dealt back at them. Costs 25 mana and has a cooldown of 17 seconds.
The active ability is useful if you're the target of a lot of attacks, such as if you're the team carry. Opponents trying to kill you with burst damage will also take a lot of damage themselves, making them easier to take down. The stat gains are also decent.
Vanguard Dota 2 items vanguard.png 2225 1 Ring of Health + 1 Vitality Booster + 1 Stout Shield +250 health, +6 hp regeneration
Passive: Damage Block - Gives 80% chance to block damage, 40 damage for melee heroes and 20 damage for ranged heroes.
This is the strongest damage block item, and it does diminish most attacks effectively around the mid game. The health bonus is also very useful if you need more survivability.
Soul Booster Dota 2 items soul booster.png 3300 1 Vitality Booster + 1 Energy Booster + 1 Point Booster +450 health, +400 mana, +4 hp regeneration, +100% mana regeneration It is basically a combination of all the booster items, giving you great health, mana and regeneration. It is an component for making the Bloodstone.
Black King Bar Dota 2 items black king bar.png 3975 (1375) 1 Ogre Club + 1 Mithril Hammer + 1 Black King Bar Recipe +10 strength, +24 damage
Active: Avatar - Grants magic immunity for 10 / 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 / 5 / 4. Has a cooldown of 80 / 75 / 70 / 65 / 60 / 55 / 50. The duration and cooldown decreases with every use.
A very good item that's useful against most hero lineups. Usually bought by carries to minimise the threat of spellcasters, who can disable them and prevent them from fully utilizing their high damage output. It is also commonly bought by channeling initiators like Enigma to let them pull off their strong channeled initiation spells without being interrupted by mini-stuns. Some ultimates will go through the magic immunity it grants, and Avatar itself will gradually get weaker. It is a good idea to judge when to use Avatar to prevent yourself from wasting its charges.
Shiva's Guard Dota 2 items shivas guard.png 4700 (600) 1 Platemail + 1 Mystic Staff + 1 Shiva's Guard Recipe +30 intelligence, +15 armor
Active: Artic Blast - Emits a blast of ice that does 200 damage and slows the move speed of enemies by 40% in a 719 area of effect for 4 seconds. Costs 100 mana and has a cooldown of 30 seconds.
Passive: Freezing Aura - Reduces the attack speed of all enemies within a 900 radius by 40%. Multiple instance of Freezing Aura does not stack.
Artic Blast is a decent spell to be used during teamfights, while Freezing Aura does help you against carries during the late game. It also grants a good amount of armor.
Manta Style Dota 2 items manta style.png 5050 (900) 1 Yasha + 1 Ultimate Orb + 1 Manta Style Recipe +10 strength, +26 agility, +10 intelligence, +15 attack speed, +10% movement speed The percentage-based move speed bonus does not stack with other items that grant similar bonuses.
Active: Mirror Image - Creates 2 illusions of the target that do 33% of your damage and take 250% of normal damage for melee heroes, or do 28% damage and take 300% damage for ranged heroes. Costs 165 mana to use and has a cooldown of 50 seconds.
It is usually bought for its Mirror Image ability. You can dodge projectiles upon activating it, while the illusions can be used to increase your damage output and pushing power.
Bloodstone Dota 2 items bloodstone.png 5050 1 Perseverance + 1 Soul Booster +500 health, +400 mana, +9 hp regenration, +200% mana regeneration, +10 damage
Active: Suicide - Instantly kills yourself, counts as a self-deny. Requires you to target the ground to prevent accidental usage. Has a cooldown of 300 seconds Passive: Bloodpact - Starts with 8 charges and gains 1 charge whenevr a hero dies within 1675 units away from the holder, or if the holder kills a hero. Each charge gives a bonus 1 mana regeneration per seconds, reduces the gold lost from death by 25 and reduces respawn time by 4 seconds. When the holder dies, it will restore 400 hp + 30 hp for every charge to allies within a radius of 1675, then loses 1/3 of its charges. While dead, the holder will still be able to gain experience at the spot the holder died as well give an 1800 unit vision at that spot.
It gives a good variety of stat bonuses, but the best feature about it is its passive. It can be an insurance in case you die, as it lets you respawn faster to respond to enemy attacks. You can also instantly kill yourself with it to give allies a desperate heal, or to deny yourself if you're about to die.
Linken's Sphere Dota 2 items linkens sphere.png 5175 (1325) 1 Ultimate Orb + 1 Perseverance + 1 Linken's Sphere Recipe +15 to all attributes, +6 hp regeneration, +150% mana regeneration, +10 damage
Passive: Spell Block - Blocks most target unit abilities aimed at the holder once every 17 seconds. The passive can be temporarily casted on an ally to transfer the buff to them.
Usually bought by carries. It is similar to the BKB in that it blocks magical attacks, but it only works once in a while and can only block target unit spells. It is still very useful if you're a prime target of the enemy team, as they will likely aim their spells on you. The spell block can give you enough time to escape or retaliate.
Assault Cuirass Dota 2 items assault cuirass.png 5350 (1300) 1 Platemail + 1 Hyperstone + 1 Chainmail + 1 Assault Cuirass Recipe +35 attack speed, +10 armor
Passive: Assault Aura - Grants 20 attack speed and 5 bonus armor for allies and reduces enemy armor by 5 for all units in a 900 radius area of effect. Multiple instance of Assault Aura does not stack.
It is an excellent item for carries to increase your attack speed as well as giving you good protection. The aura makes enemies easier to take down, while it can also be a useful buff to nearby allies.
Heart of Tarrasque Dota 2 items heart of tarrasque.png 5500 (1200) 1 Reaver + 1 Vitality Booster + 1 Heart of Tarrasque Recipe +40 strength, +300 health
Passive: Health Regeneration - Restores 2% of the holder's health per second. Will be disabled if the holder has taken damage from an enemy hero or Roshan for the last 4 seconds for melee heroes or the last 6 seconds for ranged heroes.
It is the only item in the game that grants a percentage-based health regen bonus, and for a good reason. The increased regeneration is insane, and combined with the vitality stat bonuses, it can make you almost unkillable. If you manage to survive a multiple-man gank or a teamfight, you'll be back in good health in a few seconds.


Most artifacts grant powerful Unique Attack Modifiers that do not stack with other Unique Attack Modifiers. That means there will almost never be more than one artifact item in any hero's inventory.

Name Picture Cost Components Effect Use
Helm of the Dominator Dota 2 items helm of the dominator.png 1850 1 Morbid Mask + 1 Helm of Iron Will +20 damage, +5 armor
Active: Dominate - Take control of a non-hero, non-ancient unit. Costs 75 mana and has a cooldown of 60 minutes.
Passive: Lifesteal - Gives 15% lifesteal on attacks. Lifesteal is a Unique Attack Modifier and will not stack with other Unique Attack Modifiers.
Mask of Madness Dota 2 items mask of madness.png 1900 (1000) 1 Morbid Mask + 1 Mask of Madness Recipe Active: Berserk - Gives you 100 bonus attack speed and 30% bonus movement speed, but causes you to take 30% extra damage, for 12 seconds. Costs 25 mana and has a cooldown of 25 seconds.
Passive: Lifesteal - Grants 17% lifesteal on attacks. Lifesteal is a Unique Attack Modifier and will not stack with other Unique Attack Modifiers.
Sange Dota 2 items sange.png 2050 (600) 1 Ogre Club + 1 Belt of Strength + 1 Sange Recipe +10 damage, +16 strength
Passive: Lesser Maim - Gives a 15% chance to slow enemy movement speed by 20% for 4 seconds on each attack.
Yasha Dota 2 items yasha.png 2050 (600) 1 Blade of Alacrity + 1 Band of Elvenskin + 1 Yasha Recipe +16 agility, +15 attack speed, +10% movement speed. Percentage-based movement speed bonuses do not stack with other similar speed bonuses. Placeholder
Maelstrom Dota 2 items maelstrom.png 2700 (600) 1 Gloves of Haste + 1 Mithril Hammer + 1 Maelstrom Recipe +24 damage, +25 attack speed
Passive: Chain Lightning - Grants a 25% chance to unleash lightning on each attack that will jump to up to 4 enemies, dealing 120 damage to each. Chain Lighting stacks with other Unique Attack Modifiers, but will override them when it occurs.
Diffusal Blade Dota 2 items diffusal blade.png 3300 (850) 2 Blades of Alacrity + 1 Robe of the Magi + 1 Diffusal Blade Recipe +22 / 26 agility, +6 / 10 intelligence. Can be upgraded by purchasing the recipe itself again.
Active: Purge - Purges the target, removing all buffs, slowing for 4 units and dealing 99999 damage to summoned units. Has a cooldown of 12 seconds.
Passive: Feedback - The wielder's attacks will burn 22 / 36 mana and deal the same amount of bonus damage for each attack. It is a Unique Attack Modifier and thus does not stack with other Unique Attack Modifiers.
Desolator Dota 2 items desolator.png 4100 (900) 2 Mithril Hammers + 1 Desolator Recipe +60 damage
Passive: Corruption - The wielder's attacks will reduce 7 armor from the attacked unit with each hit. Corruption is a Unique Attack Modifier that does not stack with other Unique Attack Modifiers.
Heaven's Halberd Dota 2 items heavens halberd.png 3950 1 Sange + 1 Talisman of Evasion +25 damage, +20 strength, +25% evasion
Active: Disarm - Prevents the target from attacking for 4.5 seconds if the target is a ranged unit and 3 seconds if the target is a melee unit. Costs 100 mana and has a 30 second cooldown.
Passive: Lesser Maim - Gives a 15% chance to slow an enemy by 20% for 4 seconds on each attack.
Sange and Yasha Dota 2 items sange and yasha.png 4100 1 Sange + 1 Yasha +16 damage, +16 strength, +16 agility, +16 attack speed, +16% movement speed. Percentage-based movement speed bonuses do not stack with each other.
Passive: Greater Maim - Gives a 15% chance to slow an enemy by 30% for 4 seconds on each attack.
Mjollnir Dota 2 items mjollnir.png 5400 (600) 1 Hyperstone + 1 Maelstrom + 1 Mjollnir Recipe +24 damage, +80 attack speed
Active: Static Charge - Places a charged shield on a target for 20 seconds. When the targeted unit is damaged, there is a 20% chance that lightning will strike back at the cause of the damage as well as 4 nearby enemies. Costs 50 mana and has a cooldown of 35 seconds.
Passive: Chain Lightning - Grants a 25% chance to release chain lightning on an attack that can jump to up to 8 enemies, doing 160 damage to each. Chain Lightning is a Unique Attack Modifier and will not stack with other Unique Attack Modifiers.
Eye of Skadi Dota 2 items eye of skadi.png 5850 2 Ultimate Orbs + 1 Vitality Booster + 1 Orb of Venom +25 to all attributes, +250 health, +250 mana
Passive: Cold Attack - Attacks slow the attacked enemy's movement and attack speed by 35%. Cold Attack is a Unique Attack Modifier that does not stack with other Unique Attack Modifiers, though it can be combined with lifesteal attack modifiers.
Satanic Dota 2 items satanic.png 6150 (1100) 1 Reaver + 1 Helm of the Dominator + 1 Satanic Recipe +20 damage, +25 strength, +5 armor
Active: Unholy Rage - Increases lifesteal by 175% for 3.5 seconds. Has a cooldown of 35 seconds.
Passive: Lifesteal - Gives 25% lifesteal on every attack. Lifesteal is a Unique Attack Modifier and will not stack with other Unique Attack Modifiers.

Secret Shop Items[edit]

These items can only be gotten at the secret shop, and are components for making powerful late-game items.

Name Picture Cost Effect Use
Demon Edge Dota 2 item demon edge.png 2400 +46 damage Usually bought as a component for a Daedalus, a Divine Rapier or a Monkey King Bar, all of which increases your damage output.
Eaglesong Dota 2 item eaglesong.png 3300 +25 agility A good pickup for agility carries. It is also a component for an Ethereal Blade or a Butterfly, both of which are good agility carry items.
Reaver Dota 2 item reaver.png 3200 +25 strength Increases your durability. Also required to make a Heart of Tarrasque or a Satanic, both of which improves your survivabiliy.
Sacred Relic Dota 2 item sacred relic.png 3800 +60 damage The most expensive item that's not made from a recipe, it is used for making a Divine Rapier, a Radiance and an Abyssal Blade, all of which are powerful late game weapons.
Hyperstone Dota 2 item hyperstone.png 2000 +55 attack speed Bought by carries to increase their damage per second. It's also a component for an Assault Cuirass or a Mjollnir.
Ring of Health Dota 2 item ring of health.png 875 +5 hp regeneration The regen it gives could be useful for heroes needing some more survivability, but is usually bought as a component for a Hood of Defiance, a Perseverance or a Vanguard.
Void Stone Dota 2 item void stone.png 875 +100% mana regeneration Picked up by heroes that already has good mana regen with their intelligence stat, as Void Stone is better the higher your normal mana regen is. Usually bought when going for a Eul's Scepter, a Scythe of Vyse or a Perseverance.
Mystic Staff Dota 2 item mystic staff.png 2700 +25 intelligence Bought as a component for a Scythe of Vyse or a Shiva's Guard.
Energy Booster Dota 2 item energy booster.png 1000 +250 mana The raw mana it gives you is useful for ability-reliant heroes. It's usually only bought when going for an Arcane Boots and is a component for making a Soul Booster.
Point Booster Dota 2 item point booster.png 1200 +150 mana, +200 health Point Booster is a mix of an Energy Booster and a Vitality Booster, and all three are required for a Soul Booster. It's also needed to make powerful offensive items like an Eye of Skadi and an Aghanim's Scepter.
Vitality Booster Dota 2 item vitality booster.png 1100 +250 health For heroes that simply want more durability. It's used for making other tanky items like the Heart of Tarrasque and Vanguard. Also a component for a Rod of Atos or a Soul Booster.
Orb of Venom Dota 2 item orb of venom.png 275 Poison Attack - Wielders attacks passively poisons their target, dealing 3 damage over 4 seconds as well as slowing enemies by 4% for ranged heroes and 12% for melee heroes. Poison Attack is a Unique Attack Modifier, and doesn't stack with other Unique Attack Modifiers. Usually picked up to be built into an Eye of Skadi. It is a pretty cheap item that gives you a slow, though it's almost worthless for ranged heroes.

Side Lane Items[edit]

Two shops are located at each faction's sidelane, near the corner. They sell items that can be bought at other locations, but is located at a more convenient location so that players don't have to wait for a courier or march back to the fountain to get something. It also sells certain items otherwise exclusive to the secret shop. The items it sells are:

  • Town Portal Scroll
  • Magic Stick
  • Stout Shield
  • Sage's Mask
  • Ring of Regen
  • Orb of Venom
  • Boots of Speed
  • Cloak
  • Ring of Health
  • Morbid Mask
  • Helm of Iron Will
  • Energy Booster
  • Slippers of Agility
  • Quelling Blade
  • Band of Elvenskin
  • Belt of Strength
  • Robe of the Magi
  • Blades of Attack
  • Gloves of Haste
  • Chainmail
  • Quarterstaff
  • Talisman of Evasion
  • Ultimate Orb
  • Blink Dagger