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Level 2[edit]

The first proper level in the game. A simple maze made out from levitating and moving platforms. Just walk onto the first one and get to the exit at the top. Get used to the format, since it will be used a lot.

Level 3[edit]

An introduction to robot guiding. Just shoot the walls and floor to guide the robot to the goal and climb up. Again, get used to the format, it will be used a lot too.

Level 4[edit]

Some flight lessons. Just stand on the platforms marked with crosses and have both the attractor sphere and the antigrav vest enabled at the same time to reach each of the platforms. The side platforms have switches that open the exit door.

Level 5[edit]

This level introduces the fiddliest mechanic in the game: kicking colored balls around. Just walk into the balls to nudge them forward. Do not shoot them with the helper hand unless you want them to fly all over the place. Oh, and don't let the robots get in the way, they too will send the balls flying all over the place. This is the first level where quicksaves might be of use to erase mistakes.

Level 6[edit]

This level opens with a choice of five doors. Only the ones on the very sides lead forward. After the door you will get introduced to running against ball shooters. As the game suggests, quick saves will help greatly in avoiding losing progress as you climb up to the exit.

Level 7[edit]

This level introduces guiding balls using attractor spheres. Enable the correct spheres to guide each ball into its matching bin.

The yellow ball needs the two rightmost spheres, the blue ball the center and mid right sphere, the green one the two left spheres and the red ball just the leftmost sphere. With them all hit the bridge to the exit will raise.

Level 8[edit]

This level is another robot guidance level. But this time you have a full floor of toggleable pillars to use to guide the robots. Just wait for a robot with a color matching the bins and raise a pillar in front of it.

Level 9[edit]

This level is essentially a code lock. Each switch will move the panels on the tower around. Activate the correct switches and all panels will move away from the exit door and block the rocket turrets.

The combination is, from the left, Off, On, On, Off, On.