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Dragon's Lair
Box artwork for Dragon's Lair.
Developer(s)Advanced Microcomputer Systems
Publisher(s)Cinematronics, Taito
Release date(s)
Globe.svg June, 1983
System(s)Arcade, Amiga, iOS, MS-DOS, 3DO, Jaguar CD, Sega CD, Windows, DSiWare
Mode(s)Single player
SeriesDragon's Lair
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For the NES version, see Dragon's Lair (NES). For the SNES version, see Dragon's Lair (SNES). For modified home computer versions, see Dragon's Lair (computer).

Dragon's Lair is a laserdisc video game published by Cinematronics in 1983. It features animation created by former Disney animator Don Bluth. Most other games of the era represented the character as a sprite, but due to hardware limitations of the era, artists were greatly restricted in the detail they could achieve using that technique. Dragon's Lair overcame those limitations by tapping into the vast storage potential of the laserdisc, but imposed other limitations on the actual gameplay.

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