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This is the first game in the Dragon's Lair series. For other games in the series see the Dragon's Lair category.

Box artwork for Dragon's Lair.
Dragon's Lair
Developer(s)Advanced Microcomputer Systems
Publisher(s)Software Projects
Year released1984
System(s)Amstrad CPC, Coleco Adam, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum
Followed byEscape from Singe's Castle
SeriesDragon's Lair
ModesSingle player
LinksDragon's Lair (1984) ChannelSearchSearch
For the arcade version, see Dragon's Lair.

The home computer versions of Dragon's Lair released for the Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum are based on the arcade version. However, these versions used sprites to represent gameplay rather than using an equivalent laserdisc due to hardware limitations, and mixed the original arcade gameplay with platforming or more traditional action sequences.

These ports only include a small portion of the scenes from the arcade version, and introduces original scenes as well.


Falling disk[edit]

The first scene in the game is the falling disk scene, where you jump onto the disk before the downward descent.

Stand in the middle of the disk. When a ghostly figure appears in one of the corners, run towards it to avoid being pushed off the side by wind.

After about 6-8 attempts to push you off, the exit should be visible to the top-right. If you miss the exit, you will have another chance to reach it, but if you don't make it again, you'll eventually hit the cavern floor.

Skull corridor[edit]

Whenever you see a large hand trying to grab you, swing your sword. In all other cases:

  • Move up to avoid the first set of skulls.
  • Move up to avoid the second set of skulls.
  • Move down to avoid the bats.
  • Move right to dodge the bats as they chase you.
  • Move left when the slime appears.
  • Move up as the slime either continues or when additional slime appears.
  • Exit to the right as the final slime approaches.

Rope room[edit]

You start at the bottom right, and need to reach the top-left section. Jump across the first two platforms, and grab the rope. Push left once you are close to the next rope.

There is a time limit on each floor, marked by the progression of flames.

Weapon room[edit]

Magical weapons will fly out and try to kill you.

  • Strike the sword and flail as they approach.
  • Jump left when the iron jumps from its place.
  • Strike the statue as it attacks, then jump right when its head falls.
  • Jump right when the disk falls.
  • Strike the statue as it attacks, then jump up.
  • Dodge the axe by moving left.
  • Strike the spear that flies towards you.
  • When the flame falls, run to the exit.


You are on a set of platforms, and need to reach the top-most one. Jump across each platform, kill any rat that is directly blocking your path. The route should be obvious, but takes you across all platforms on-screen.

Remaining too long on a platform will cause it to collapse with you on it.

Tentacle room[edit]

This is a small room with tentacles approaching from the floor and ceiling. Unless specified otherwise, chop all ceiling tentacles.

  • Dodge the first floor tentacle by moving left.
  • Dodge the second by moving up.
  • Dodge the third by moving right.
    • In the Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum versions, dodge the final ceiling tentacle by moving up (which exits the room.)
  • Dodge the fourth by moving near the door. Exit the room when the fifth appears.

Second falling disk[edit]

As with the first disk, you will jump onto it. Stand in the center, and as soon as a face appears, run towards it to avoid being pushed off the disk.

In the Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum versions, the gusts of wind last much longer.


In a small chessboard room, the knight will appear and randomly teleport around the room. His attacks are in straight lines, but are known to bounce or turn.

To defeat him, you need to approach him as soon as he appears. While he can be destroyed in one hit, he cannot be injured once he turns black.

When you defeat him, head to the exit before the floor becomes hazardous.

Singe's Lair[edit]

Run up to the thorns on the right. When Singe makes his attack, he will hit the thorns instead of you, causing them to burn.

You can also collect some gold hidden under one of the rocks, although Singe will have to blast them first.

Once the path is cleared, collect the sword, and run onto the bridge.

Version differences[edit]

  • The Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum do not give visual cues on which direction to take.