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Box artwork for DragonFable.
Developer(s)Artix Entertainment
Publisher(s)Artix Entertainment
Year released2006
System(s)Web browser, Adobe Flash
ModesSingle player
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DragonFable (often abbreviated to DF) is a free, online, web-based, single-player RPG developed by Artix Entertainment. Created in July 2005, the game went into beta testing on November 21, and on June 10, 2006, the game was officially released. It is implemented in Adobe Flash and uses vector graphics, some of which are animated. The storyline to the game sets DragonFable as a prequel to the storyline of AdventureQuest (DragonFable is set 5 years before the start of AdventureQuest) and a sequel to that of MechQuest (DragonFable is set 4995 years after the end of MechQuest), each of which are also games from Artix Entertainment. DragonFable receives weekly updates with the introduction of new quests, monsters and weapons.

Each player may create an account, which can have up to three playable characters for non-paying players or up to six characters for Dragon Amulet holders (paying players). Each character is associated with a base class and has an upgradeable combat level and six trainable stats. The game allows players to engage in turn-based combat against monsters and villains to accumulate experience points, gold, and equipment. Players may use a character's gold to purchase additional equipment and pets in the game to aid in combat. Along with an ever-expanding world featuring regular quests, DragonFable also features temporary special events, such as holidays and wars.

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