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  • Artix von Krieger is the in-game alter ego of the game's creator, Adam Bohn. He is found in the Amityvale graveyard or Falconreach and can be taken on quests as a guest, and several quests center around him. He is currently restricted to level 3 and has, as a consequence, only one attack ability. From August 3rd, 2007 until October 4th, he replaced Nythera in the town of Falconreach. He is the only NPC to have two intacens of him, in the non-quest world. Currently Artix is replaced by Thyton in Falconreach and has relocated to the entrance to the graveyard.
  • Ash DragonBlade is a young boy from the guardian-only RPG ArchKnight. His dream is to become a knight and protect the world. Unfortunately, Ash is not of noble blood so he would not even be considered, unless, he were to save a princess. Currently, Ash is a level one character who can only attack very clumsily. Recently, he has had a makeover and now contains a helpful FAQ for new players and he killed Klatu in ArchKnight.An Archknight player with a character name of Ash Dragonblade gave the AE staffs this NPC idea. Now the game of Archknight does not allow the players to name themselves, but automatically chooses the name Ash Dragonblade for the player.
  • Cysero is the game's creative director in real life. In the game, he has currently left Falconreach to find new material for weapons. Before he left, Cysero gave players information about the current events, and some info on the weather. During the CES event Adam (Artix) left Cysero alone with the game, and he turned the guardian tower upside down, and into a giant fish. One frame to the right of where he used to stand in the game is his shop. Items are only purchasable from here with Dragon Coins. It is revealed that he lives with Warlic and he is a very messy person who leaves his laundry around. It was later revealed Cysero used to be some sort of pilot(as Syz Zero in MechQuest) and had taken the abilities of a Mage and the job of LORE's foremost weapons smith after the reset. He currently runs Cysero's Superstore of Savings which has replaced his old store in Falconreach, and where players can purchase powerful weapons in exchange for Dragon Coins.
  • King Alteon is the fearless leader of Lore, he led a war to fight King Slugwrath and won and took the throne . He is believed to be the father of Robina.
  • Lady Celestia is a mysterious priestess that once protected the Black Dragon Box. Currently, she is at her home, in Sunbreeze Grove. She plays a role in the training of DragonLords.
  • Reens is Falconreach's Potions master. She is believed to be the Potions teacher, as like Yulgar in Yulgar's Forge. You can do potions that heal 700 of your life!
  • Rhubarb is a First Mate pirate in Osprey Cove and a pirate Captain in AdventureQuest. He gives the player a special quest to fight ninja monkeys to find bottles for a secret message. He is the one to talk to about becoming a pirate and joining the Pirate Class. He has now become captain of the Red Betty after the hero defeated Captain Blackberry. He called the Wind Orb Wind Pearl which he though it make its ship (not) faster with the wind.
  • Robina Hood, based off Robin Hood, leads a band of merry women. She steals from the rich and gives to the monsters. She finds the Black Dragon Box. She can join the players party at level 2. During the Willowshire event she wielded a staff but now wields her standard bow. There is a plot spoiler bag in the Water Cave quest (DA only), that has some missing letters. If you fill them in, Robina might be a princess fits. So it is now assumed that she is King Alteon's daughter.
  • Rolith is the captain of Oaklore Keep's knights of the pentagonal table. A strong warrior, Captain Rolith is not very useful for the game.
  • Thyton is leader of the Ninjas and Ninja class trainer. Thyton can currently be found at Falconreach and The Shadow of the Four Winds. His picture can be found in the September 11, 2007 Design Notes here. He called the Wind Orb Jewel of the Four Winds which is base the name of his village. Saying that it could awaken the most powerful guardian.
  • Valencia is a world famous rare item hunter who is running her family business while her father, Trey Surehunter is searching for The Ultimate Treasure. She shows the player's character where the Sneevil Dumpsite is as well as help the character find the Dragon Egg, which was stolen by Ultra-Vultragon, a large bird who lives at the top of Mt. Moordoor. She can join the players party and is level 8 with one technique. There was once a glitch that let Valencia copy the player's weapon's attack power and element when she made an attack.
  • Warlic is a well known blue mage who helps the player sort out the 4 eggs (the player starts with six, but eats one and breaks another), in the Dragon Egg Saga. He is also important to much of the story. He resides through the portal near Falconreach itself, right next to the Guardian Tower. Currently, he is not able to be brought into the player's party except in one quest. Xan, the evil pyromancer, has a deep hatred for Warlic that started because of an incident with their affections for the beautiful Jaania that took place back at the Swordhaven Magic Academy. It is revealed that he lives with Cysero and cannot stand his filthiness and crazy experiments so he separated the tower, where they live with a yellow line to keep them apart.
  • Yulgar is Falconreach's resident blacksmith. He has recently opened up his forge for players to forge their own weapons. Players can also level up their blacksmithing skills to unlock higher-leveled weapon 'recipes'.
  • Zhoom is the newest NPC in Dragon Fable. He uses Zhoom Curved Blade, which Valencia and Yulgar own. He will be playing the role in the new saga which Artix hasn't written that down . He will be friend with Artix and Cysero in the future . He is part Sandelf from his mother's side but the race was made extinct by Sek Duat I. He is driven by honour of a promise and will not break a promise - why he is a good ranger.


  • Captain Blackberry is the pirate Captain of the Red Betty and Osprey Cove, which is in the pirate's quests. A pirate named Crossbone found Ruins of Kordana, and found out Kordana had the Wind Orb. Blackberry found Crossbone's diary telling him where to find the wind orb, the only piece of the puzzle he needed to finish the spell he found 20 years ago in a strange chest in the ocean. He used the spell from the chest and weaved it into the very planks of his ship the Red Betty. In order to finish the spell and become King Braken (God of the seas) he needed the Wind Orb, but Kordana was too powerful for Blackberry to steal it. So in a last ditch effort, he leaked the location of the Wind Orb to Sepulchure, and Sepulchure sent Drakath to steal the Wind Orb from Kordana. He knew Sepulchure would keep it for himself so he tracked Drakath into a cave, so the adventurer would fight Drakath (only by battling the wielder's greatest foe would the wind orb activate). During the battle, the wind orb activated and spirited Drakath away to the Red Betty, but only after releasing the power that had built up inside defeating the hero. Blackberry stole the wind orb from Drakath after it wouldn't help Drakath and let him lose to the hero. Blackberry used the wind orb to activate the Red Betty's Spell and transformed into King Braken. He was defeated after the hero summoned his dragon and battled him in Osprey Cove. Although his ultimate fate is untold, many believe that he is dead.
  • DragonMaster FrostScythe commanded an army of Ice/Snow monsters to Falconreach in order to get the orb. This orb would make FrostSycthe the next DragonLord. FrostScythe commanded his Ice Dragon, Glaisaurus until the player killed it. FrostSycthe said Glaisaurus would have been useless to him anyway as his Dragon Amulet broke during combat. Having lost his army, lost his dragon, lost his Dragon Amulet, and having caught a cold, Frostscythe retreated to unknown Plains (sneezing). In the 2nd last quest of Guardian's, the player is sent to FrostScythe's home to stop him from attacking Falconreach. The player points out the mysterious presence of the previously killed Glaisaurus and then learns that FrostScythe has MULTIPLE ice dragons. It is also revealed that the Dragon Amulet is his key to controlling his dragons, and that he is in pursuit of a third so he can return to his plans of invading the guardian tower.
  • Drakath is the leader of the Darkwolf bandits. He is the only son of King Slugwrath, an evil king that was defeated by Sir Alteton after years of war. Drakath is working for Sepulchure, in hopes of gaining enough power and the Necrotic Blade of Doom (the 5th Doom Weapon) to circumvent his father's throne for himself. Recently, Drakath went into the Ruins of Kordana and stole the Wind Orb from Kordana, but the adventurers beat him and took it back, causing him to go retreat from the island.
  • Dr. Voltabolt is Falconreachs Dentist and Technomancer, he believes magic is evil and science is better than magic. He plans to get rid of magic, and he believes people will thank him for opening their eyes to see the evil of magic, even if he has to take those thanks from them by force. Once again in 2007 Thankstalking war, Voltabolt has tried his hand at beating magic with science, he has been using science to make pumpkin pies with his remote-controlled Pumpkin Pie Dispensing Dracobot, also known as the X-304, which turned into a mechanical dragon. When his new creation was defeated, he decided to just keep working on the designs.
  • Fluffy was in the real Dragon Egg (in the White Dragon Box). During his search of power, Drakath took it by an order to Sepulchure. After, Sepulchure corrupted Fluffy with his DragonAmulet. Fluffy defeats the player in a battle and the player still get a prize.
  • Gorgok is DragonFable's first dragon and its first boss. He is always seen destroying Willowshire. In Willowshire Burns! Gorgok reaches his final objective (destroy Willowshire) and is defeated by the Adventurer. He returned in Gorgok Returns!, but now searching for Vengeance. The Dragonlords confronted him with their Dragons and defeated him once again, forcing him into another healing sleep. However, Artix (the real life) never did said why Gorgok attack the Willowshire without reason, only other war boss did mention why they attack (insert town name).
  • Lord Frydae XIII is a vampire and the great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great (13 great) grandfather of Thursday. He resides in the Old Guardian Tower in Amityvale, he turns out to be The Master of the events in Amityvale.
  • Mysterious Stranger sells the Doom Weapons outside of Falconreach. He is thought to have great significance later on in the game. He shares the same appearance and personality as the Mysterious Necromancer in AdventureQuest. After you upgrade your doom weapon the first time in the crystal clear lake quest, you can upgrade your doom weapon by bringing him 5 unlucky doom essence. Then you bring 8 unlucky doom essences to the forge to upgrade your doom weapon even more. You can obtain unlucky doom essences in the haunted mansion quest. He is believed to be The Master of Sepulchure and his minions although this is unlikely.
  • The Necromantress is a mysterious NPC in DragonFable. It is unknown if she is a hero or a villain and even the evil ones do not trust her. So far she has only been seen in the Night of the Living Pumpkin war, in the quest where the player battle Lord Frydae XIII, Artix vs. The Undead video.ref, and in the 3rd 'Friday the 13th Invasion' war where she is seen in a cutscene conversing with Xan, and at the end sending the two bosses after the hero. Her name is unknown but she is believed to be Vayle. She had joined forces with Xan in an effort to destroy Falconreach once and for all. However, this failed and she had to return to Amityvale to plot anew.
  • Necrotic Blade of Doom is a Doom Weapon (a corrupted soul trapped in a weapon). It is possessing Sepulchure for 'Masters' plan (which is unknown for now).
  • Noxus is said to be the head Necromancer by Artix in Amityvale when he is asked about Necromancers. In the Design Notes, Artix says that the next main boss will be Noxus, suggesting an upcoming war or quest saga.
  • Okuchi No Okami is a Devil Fox, who steals from the ninjas (he wants their Wind Scrolls). In the ninjas quests, He sold Drakath information about the Wind Orb. Then Okuchi offers to the player to hunt down Drakath if he can have the wind scrolls. If the player refuses to give up the scrolls, the player must fight Okuchi (you can't accept the offer anyway). Although it is not said, Okuchi is thought to be dead. He was once Thyton's highest ranking ninja until he betrayed the village. He wants the Jewel of the Four Winds
  • Sepulchure was once a hero of Lore, who protected many lives. Unfortunately, he lost something that was dear to him and in his search for power, he was consumed by the Necrotic Blade of Doom and is now a doom knight. It is revealed that he does not wear his armor, but that his armor wears him, for he is bound to the darkness. Sepulchure's current location is inside his flying re-animated dracolich fortress. He is also in possession of one legendary dragon. The dragon came from the White Dragon Box (counterpart of the player's Black Dragon Box). Sepulchure was unsatisfied with his cute dragon until he transformed it into a dracolich, which he then named Fluffy. In the beginning of 2008, Sepulchure become a Titan and will be the last of four Titan fights (First was Lava Titan Xan, second was King Braken, third was Honda)! In the design note, it was said Sepulchure was once a Pactoganal Knight. That makes his name Sir Pulchure/Pulcher.
  • Sek-Duat XV is a tyrant emperor that rules over the Sandsea with a iron fist . His family have ruled the Sandsea for 1500 years , and the new emperor is crueler and eviler that the precedent . He hired Zhoom and paid him well for hunting down the member of the resistance forces .
  • Sir Malifact was a holly paladin of justice , until finded the power of the Dead Knight armour , and killed his friends , a mage and a rouge . He will be the trainer of the Death Knight class .
  • Xan: Xan is an insane pyromancer, who unleashed the elementals into Lore. He was born in Lymcrest and was a gifted magic user. Even as a child, he used his powers to make the residents suffer and fear him. Because of this, the villages of Lymcrest treated him as an outcast. This has caused him to hate the town and its people, believing that they didn't respect him enough. He studied magic at the Swordhaven Magic Academy, where Warlic was his rival, but now has complete hatred over Warlic after an incident involving their affections for a woman named Jaania. He owns an artifact called the Pyronomicon, a magical book that magnifies his abilities. He owed King Slugwrath a favor which his son Drakath had called in, asking him to destroy Falconreach, thus starting The Wrath of Xan War. He fails however, and challenges (and defeats) the player at the end of the war. He then used the Pyronomicon to change his Fire monsters into Light monsters and attacked Falconreach Beach, causing the Beach Vacation Invasion. Shortly after the defeat, he joins forces with the Necromantress in an effort to destroy Falconreach once and for all, starting the Friday The 13th Invasion Part III. After the defeat, he changes the town of Lymcrest's river to lava, making the residents and miners suffer greatly, but is soon stopped by the player. The heroes of Falconreach decide to attack back and with the help of Warlic, gain access to his Volcanic Fortress. He then tricks the heroes into fighting an arena like battle against his various monsters, but is tricked by Warlic, who disables the magic of his Pyronomicon and (now that he is 1000x less powerful) is defeated by the heroes. The ground he stood on cracked and broke, causing him to fall into the lava of the volcano and the heroes left with the Pyronomicon. With his last remaining power, Xan infused his body with the little remaining power of the Pyronomicon and became a giant four armed lava titan, but is soon defeated by the DragonLords and falls back into the volcano. Later by a couple of months, he return to destroy Frostvale. The Ghosts of Frostvale tell the adventurers that Xan has unlocked some Ice powers within himself and has begun calling himself Xanta Claus. After his frost army is defeated , the player confronts Xan. He admits that he acquired an Eggnymoncion , an ice version of the Pyromoncion, that he acquired from 'accidentally' falling into some lava. , that is increasing his ice abilities . Icemaster Yeti entered the scene , and together they defeat Xanta Claus ,but Xanta Claus' fire magic melted the Eggnymoncion, destroying his ice powers. His fire magic also melted the ice bridge he stood on and he fell into the abyss below. Although it is possible he has died, it is very unlikely and he may be involved in the Third Titan fight. He was the main villain in Chapter 3:Save`Lymcerst. Maybe Xanta Claus will return in the Frostvale as Titan Xanta Claus , or will find another book that will increase his abilityes on another element ( this is posibile because he created the elementals , so maybe he will get earth or wind powers ) .
  • Zorbak is an evil moglin who has a brother named Kabroz, which is Zorbak spelled backwards. He is a Necromancer. You can find him in Surewould Forest and Amityvale. In Mogloween (Holiday Event 2007), he added more of the Mognip to the candy, which transformed Moglins into Moglinsters. At the end of Mogloween, he ate the candy and transformed into a Moglinster. After that, he ate the rest of the candy and became a Titan Moglinster. After being defeated by the Dragonlords, Zorbak is forced to pay off all the damage. He is more of a troublemaker than a villain, but aims to take over the world with his undead army .


  • Ballyhoo is one character that made only two appearances: One before the Pirate VS Ninjas war and another during Frostvale 2007, giving the player the DeathKnight test armor. Ballyhoo left the game on January 8 2008, and it's unknown when she will return.
  • Jaania was Warlic's and Xan's classmate in Swordhaven Magic Academy. Xan loved her. In Xan's Fortress quest, when the player speaks Jaania's name, Xan shouts out DON'T SPEAK HER NAME!, because Jaania was impriosanated by Xan after their graduate. It is incredible that Jaania makes an appearance in one MechQuest's houses, and she is believed to be Xan's Wife.
  • Serenity is the Falconreach Inn keeper, after the left of Mariann (she died and become Mary's Spirit), who was going to throw out the Doom Weapons before the Mysterious Stranger appeared in Falconreach.