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At the start of the game, and whenever Goku arrives at a new destination on the map, the player enters the Adventure mode portion of the game. In this mode, players must navigate around the location, speak with people, search various objects, and use or take items. This guide's Walkthrough is primarily concerned with progress through the Adventure mode.

Options[edit | edit source]

This is your primary means of getting around your current location in the world. Ordinarily, your may chose from among any available cardinal direction (North, South, East, West). Whenever possible you may enter or leave a building. You may also climb or descend stairs. A few other options are possible, depending on the situation.
Use speak to converse with people who are either present in the current scene, or companions of Goku who are with him at the time. Speaking with people is typically required in order to make progress in certain locations. Although most people say the same thing when spoken to twice, they may change what they have to say after some event has taken place. In a few instances, a person may need to be spoken to multiple times in a row.
It is generally recommended that you try to search every item available. Searching objects may reveal items that can be collected, or it may reveal other pathways from the current location. In some instances, you must search an object more than once in order to reveal something hidden from sight.
Whenever a collectible object is present, you may take it to add it to your inventory.
When the proper circumstances arise, you may be able to use an item in your inventory.
This is a rare option that may occur if something edible is present. Be careful, however, as the results are not always desirable.