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DBDF location Land of Karin.png

Land of Karin[edit]

DBDF map Land of Karin.png
  1. Move East. Bora will tell you that Upa was kidnapped by Tsurusennin.
  2. Search Karin Tower. Tenshinhan and Chaozu will greet you, and agree to join you in order to rescue Upa.
  3. Move West.
  4. Move North. You will encounter Tsurusennin.
  5. Fight Tsurusennin. Tenshinhan and Chaozu will rescue Upa so that you are free to fight Tsurusennin.
  6. Move South.
  7. Move East.
  8. Move to Karin Tower. Climbing the tower saps Goku of his power.
  9. Move to go down the tower.
  10. Talk to Upa. He will give you silver shoes that will enable you to climb the tower.
  11. Move to Karin Tower.
  12. Move to go up the tower three times.
  13. Search the tower. When you can see the top, searching the tower will reveal the seven-star Dragon Ball.
  14. Move to go up to the top of the tower. You will see Karin waiting for you.
  15. Talk to Karin three times. He will tell you that only you can defeat Piccolo, and to return to him once you have all seven Dragon Balls. He will give you a drink that will instantly increase you to the next level. He will also give you a senzu bean that will restore all of your health.
  16. Move to go down the tower five times.
  17. Move West.
  18. Move to leave the Land of Karin. Your next destination will be Penguin Village.
DBDF location Penguin Village.png

Penguin Village[edit]

DBDF map Penguin Village.png
  1. Search around the area. You will find a twig.
  2. Take the twig.
  3. Move North twice. You will come upon a pile of poo.
  4. Use the twig. Goku will collect the poo.
  5. Move South. Arale an Gacchan will appear.
  6. Speak with Arale. She and Gacchan will join you.
  7. Move East. You will find Senbe's house.
  8. Move to house. You will arrive in Senbe's lab.
  9. Use Kamehameha on the door. This will free Senbe who was trapped inside.
  10. Talk to Senbe. He will tell you about how the rabbit Toh-Ninjinka turned people into carrots.
  11. Move to leave the house.
  12. Move West.
  13. Move South.
  14. Move West. You will see a School in the distance.
  15. Move to the School. You will find a lot of carrots.
  16. Move to the right. You will encounter Ninjinka. If you try to fight him, you'll find that you can't since everything he touches turns into carrots.
  17. Speak with Arale. She will instantly defeat Ninjinka since she's a robot and can't be turned into a carrot.
  18. Speak with Ninjinka. He will promise to return everyone to normal.
  19. Move left. Suppaman will return from carrot form and tell you that there are aliens around.
  20. Move to leave the school.
  21. Move East.
  22. Move North four times. You will notice a saucer.
  23. Move to the Saucer. Goku will try to chase it on the Nimbus cloud, but he won't be able to catch up. He will note that things would be different if he had his Bo. When you land, you will be standing in front of a weird man.
  24. Search Weirdo. It appears that he has a Dragon Ball, but if you speak to him, he'll refuse to give it to you.
  25. Move West. You will encounter Cymbal, and he will demand your Dragon Balls.
  26. Fight Cymbal. Despite his large size, you can take him down fairly easily. You will get your Bo staff back when you succeed.
  27. Move East.
  28. Speak with Yajirobe. He will give up his Dragon Ball, the one-star ball. Goku will resume his chase after the saucer.
  29. Use the Bo. Goku will knock the saucer out of the sky. Synthesizer will appear.
  30. Fight Synthesizer. Upon defeating him, you will obtain the five-star Dragon Ball. Now you have all seven balls, and need to return to the Land of Karin.
DBDF location Land of Karin.png

Land of Karin[edit]

  1. Move East.
  2. Move to Karin Tower.
  3. Move to climb up the tower four times to the top.
  4. Talk with Karin. He will tell you about a hidden region where three treasures must be obtained.
  5. Move to climb down the tower five times.
  6. Move West.
  7. Move to leave. Goku will decide to visit Turtle House first before going to the new land.
DBDF location Turtle House.png

Turtle House[edit]

  1. Speak with Kamesenin. He will recall Karin telling him about Konpoi, and tells Goku to be careful.
  2. Move behind you to face the front entrance.
  3. Move to leave the house.