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DBDF location Konpei Region.png

Konpei Region[edit]

DBDF map Konpei Region.png

Finding Konpei[edit]

  1. Move to proceed. Ukulele will appear.
  2. Fight Ukulele. Upon defeating him, Cymbal will appear to challenge you as well.
  3. Fight Cymbal.
  4. Move to proceed twice. You will arrive in front of a pyramid palace.
  5. Use the Dragon Balls to open the gate.
  6. Move to enter. You will see a staircase that leads to a stand.
  7. Move to the stairs. You will arrive before the stand.
  8. Search the stand twice. You will notice seven symbols on the stand.
  9. Use the Dragon Balls. Goku will arrange them on the stand.
  10. Search the stand. Goku will remember that Karin mentioned using the Bo.
  11. Use the Bo. Shenron, the Dragon God, will appear before you and guide you to the uncharted region of Konpei. You will see a staircase.

Konpei entrance[edit]

  1. Move to the stairs.
  2. Move to go up the stairs three times. You will reach the entrance to Konpei.
  3. Move to enter the jungle. If you search here, Ukulele will appear to fight you.
  4. Move to proceed.
  5. Search the jungle. Tambourine will appear to challenge you.
  6. Search the jungle. You'll notice bananas on the trees.
  7. Take the bananas.
  8. Fight Tambourine.
  9. Move to proceed. If you search here, Banjo will appear to fight you.
  10. Move to proceed. You will arrive at the start of a mountain trail.

First treasure[edit]

  1. Move to proceed. You will arrive at a crossroads.
  2. Move to the right path. You will see a chasm in the ground.
  3. Search the chasm. Goku will realize he can jump over it.
  4. Move to jump over the chasm. You'll arrive at a dead-end.
  5. Search the surroundings. You'll discover a plate.
  6. Search the plate. You'll notice it's been polished.
  7. Use the banana. Goku will put it on the plate, and Lord Konpei will appear. He will eat the banana and challenge you to a fight.
  8. Fight Lord Konpei. If you win, he will reward you with the Holy Hammer.

Second treasure[edit]

  1. Take the banana peel.
  2. Take the plate.
  3. Move to jump back over the chasm.
  4. Search the chasm. This time, you will notice that there may be a way to get down.
  5. Move to the chasm.
  6. Move to go down. You'll arrive at an underground river, but you'll need something to ride on.
  7. Use the plate. It will grow in size, allowing you to ride it.
  8. Move to proceed. You'll approach a waterfall.
  9. Move to the river's center. You will dive underwater.
  10. Search the watery depths. A Kappa will appear.
  11. Talk to the Kappa. It will ask if you have anything to eat.
  12. Give the banana peel. The Kappa will eat it, and give you the Truth Glasses in return.

Third treasure[edit]

  1. Move to return.
  2. Search the Cliff. You'll notice it might be possible to stop yourself from going over the waterfall.
  3. Use the Bo. Goku will wedge it between the cliffs.
  4. Move to go up the cliffs.
  5. Move to the left cliff.
  6. Move to enter. You'll arrive in an inner room.
  7. Use the Holy Hammer. A nail in the floor will be pushed down.
  8. Search the wall. Now you will notice many statues of Lord Konpei.
  9. Use the Truth Glasses. The true statue will be revealed, and Lord Konpei will challenge you to a fight.
  10. Fight Lord Konpei. If you defeat him, he will give you the Holy Ring.

One last battle[edit]

  1. Move to return.
  2. Move to go down the cliff.
  3. Move to the right cliff.
  4. Move to go up. You will return to the entrance of the mountain path.
  5. Move to proceed. You'll be back at the crossroads.
  6. Move to the left path.
  7. Move to go up the crumbling stone.
  8. Use the Bo. Goku will put it in the rocks, but nothing will happen.
  9. Use the Holy Ring. The stone will disappear, and a slate will appear. If you search the slate, you will notice something on it, but Goku can't read it.
  10. Use the Truth Glasses. Goku will recite the passage on the slate, and the mountain will move, revealing the temple of Konpei.
  11. Move to proceed. You will reach the entrance to the temple.
  12. Move to enter. Lord Konpei will greet you and challenge you to one more fight.
  13. Fight Lord Konpei. He is tough, and will have some good cards. If you defeat him, you can eat the senzu bean he has to restore your strength. He will reward you with the Holy Clothes, and advise you on how to use the other items. Then he will warp you out of the region.

To reach Piccolo's mansion, you will have to travel all the way back to Penguin Village and beyond. The quickest path is to travel through Turtle House and Fortuneteller Baba's location on the map.

DBDF location Piccolo's Mansion.png

Piccolo's Mansion[edit]

DBDF map Piccolo's Mansion.png
  1. Move to enter the mansion.
  2. Move to proceed into the mansion twice. Organ will appear and attack you for trying to stop the Evil Clan.
  3. Fight Organ. Organ will actually transform into Drum.
  4. Fight Drum.
  5. Search the pillar. You will notice that this particular pillar looks odd.
  6. Rotate the pillar. Doing so will unlock and open the door. You will find the Root of Evil.
  7. Use the Holy Hammer. The Root of Evil will shattered, and the souls of all the fighters killed by the Evil Clan will be released. Krillin will come back to life and warn you that you need to leave the mansion immediately because it's coming apart.
  8. Move to return four times. The mansion will crumble when you leave.
  9. Move to leave.
DBDF location Dark Castle.png

Dark Castle[edit]

Dark Castle map

It is strongly advised that you take the time to increase Goku to the maximum level of 14. While you can win below level 14, it will be difficult to defeat Piccolo. When you arrive at the castle, Drum will immediately appear and challenge you to a fight.

  1. Fight Drum. His corpse will remain in the area for you to search,
  2. Search Drum's corpse. You will find a Penlight (like a flashlight the shape of a pen).
  3. Take the Penlight. If you search the area, all of your friends will support you.
  4. Move to advance. You will reach the entrance of the castle.
  5. Move to enter. You will be in a hallway.
  6. Move to advance down the hall three times.
  7. Move left.
  8. Use the penlight. It will shine on the relief, and expose an opening.
  9. Search the relief. You will determine that you can move through the opening.
  10. Move to advance. You will pass through the relief.
  11. Move to go down the stairs. Once you do this, you will be unable to return.

From this point on, you goal is to navigate the labyrinth of the basement. In order to find Piccolo, you must first visit all of the three rooms that you can reach. In each room is an enemy that you must fight and defeat. In the upper left room, you will find Synthesizer. In the lower left room, you will find Tambourine. And in the upper right room, you will find Drum.

Only after you have located and defeated all three enemies will the door to Piccolo's room appear near the lower right corner of the maze. Once the door appears, you can pass through it. Organ will announce that he has restored Piccolo's youth by using the souls of the defeated warriors. Then Piccolo will challenge you. Begin the fight with him, and try to use a technique card with the most stars possible. If you are lucky, you will choose a Super- or Reverse-Kamehameha, and potentially knock Piccolo out with one hit. Once you defeat Piccolo, the game will end and the credits will roll. Congratulations.