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DBDF walkthrough map.png
  • A: Turtle House
  • B: Western Capital
  • C: Henshin School
  • D: Jingle Village
  • E: New Pilaf Castle
  • F: Fortuneteller Baba
  • G: Under-sea Cavern
  • H: Land of Karin
  • I: Penguin Village
  • J: Konpei Region
  • K: Piccolo's Mansion
  • L: Dark Castle

Your adventure begins at location (A), Turtle House. As you complete many of the locations, a new path will open up, from one location to another. The new path that appears will not necessarily start from the location that you just visited. If a new path does not appear, it means you are first required to return to a previous location.

During the Map mode, you can take any existing path between two locations. Once you start moving in a particular direction, you have no choice but to continue moving in that direction until you move the correct number of spaces, or you reach a location. If the location is your destination, you will switch to Adventure mode. If it not your destination, you will be required to pick a card just as if you stopped in the middle of the path.

If you reach a location that has multiple paths connected to it, you must move the Goku icon around the location until it is connected to the desire path, before you start moving to another location. Also note that because of the screen resolution, it is possible to move so many spaces (seven and sometimes six), that your icon scrolls off the sides of the screen, making it difficult to know which way to move.

The goal of the game is to ultimately challenge Piccolo and defeat him in location (L), the Dark Castle. However, this location is the last one in the game to appear, and you must visit each location in a particular sequence to open all of the locations.