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  • Neutral dpad: Use the direction pad to direct Son Goku in eight different directions as he walks along the overworld map. During the single screen side-on views (battles and searches), you can only use left and right to direct Son Goku. Pressing down in these screens will cause him to crouch.
  • A button: Press the A button to make Son Goku jump.
  • B button: Press the B button to make Son Goku attack. Normally, Goku attacks with a punch. If Goku has collected his pole, he will attack with that instead. On overworld maps, Goku cannot attack while jumping. On side-view scenes, he can perform a kick while jumping.
    • Hold B button, press A button: To perform the Kame Hame Ha ("Wind Wave" in Dragon Power) attack, Son Goku must have collected some turtle shells first. Then press and hold the B button. After Goku attacks, he will enter into the Kama Hame Ha stance. Then press the A button to perform the attack. Your turtle shell count will be reduced by one.
  • Start button: Press the start button to begin the game, and to pause and unpause the game during play.
  • Select button: Press the select button to skip past dialog scenes, and to select which wish you would like the dragon Shen Long to grant.

Son Goku[edit]

DBSnN Son Goku sprite.png

You are in control of Son Goku throughout the entire game. Son Goku runs around the world trying to help Bulma collect the seven Dragon Balls so that they will be granted a wish by the supreme dragon, Shen Long. Although Son Goku is just a child, he possesses great strength, as well as a monkey's tail. (He won't learn about his Saiyan heritage for a long time to come.)

Son Goku normally attacks with his fist, but if he finds his power pole, he can attack with that instead. It doesn't make him any stronger, but it gives him better reach. If he finds a red power pole, he will be able to perform three twirling attacks where he spins the pole around him rapidly. Son Goku can also perform a jump-kick attack, but only when the game is in a side-view mode. Lastly, Son Goku can perform the Kame Hame Ha attack, which is eventually taught to him by Master Roshi. In order to do so, Goku must be in possession of some turtle shells. This powerful blast is useful against many tough overworld enemies, but not especially strong against bosses.

Normally, Son Goku has a life meter (referred to as POW) of 150. It decreases very slowely throughout the entire game, but it will decrease much more rapidly if Son Goku is hit by an enemy. The game will end if Son Goku's POW ever reaches 0. Son Goku can replenish his life by finding meat or cupcakes. After assembling the Dragon Balls the first time, Son Goku can actually extend his maximum POW to 250 if he selects a particular wish.


DBSnN Hoipoi Capsule.png

Most items must first be revealed by touching a Hoipoi Capsule. When Goku touches the capsule, it explodes, and an item will pop out.

Item Name Description
DBSnN meat.png Meat Eating meat will restore 20 points to Son Goku's POW.
DBSnN cupcake.png Cupcake Eating a cupcake will restore 100 points to Son Goku's POW.
DBSnN mystery.png Mystery Collecting the "?" will grant Son Goku a randomly determined number of bonus points.
DBSnN Power Pole.png Power Pole Collect the power pole to extend the range of Goku's attack. He will lose it when a new stage begins.
DBSnN Power Pole red.png Red Pole If you collect the red pole, you will obtain the Power Pole (if you didn't have it already), and Goku's next three attacks will be special twirling attacks using the pole.
DBSnN Super Pole.png Super Pole If you collect the purple pole, you will obtain the Power Pole (if you didn't have it already), and Goku can perform the twirling attack for a longer period of time than if he had collected the Red Pole.
DBSnN Kame shell.png Kame Shell You need to collect turtle shells in order to be able to perform the Kame Hame Ha. See the controls above to learn how to perform this attack.
DBSnN Kame shell red.png Red Kame Shell If you find a red Kame Shell, you will be granted the power of the Super Kame Hame Ha, which allows you to throw three blasts simultaneously. Note: Once you collect one of these shells, an S will appear next to your shell count. Collecting normal shells will have no effect until you run out of red shells.
DBSnN panties.png Panties
If you collect Bulma's panties (or a sandwhich in Dragon Power), Son Goku gets rather excited and will run throughout the overworld very quickly for a limited time.
DBSnN Nimbus.png Nimbus Cloud If you find a Nimbus cloud, Goku will automatically advance to near the end of the level. This can be good if it advances you past obstacles, or bad if you are still required to collect objects to clear the stage, in which case you may have to backtrack.
DBSnN key.png Keys Collect keys to access locked entrances that are typically found at the end of a stage.
DBSnN Dragon Ball.png Dragon Ball You must gather seven of these in order to summon Shen Long, the mighty dragon who will grant the owner of the balls one wish per year.