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The final three balls are located inside a very high tower. Oolong remarks at how high the tower is, while Bulma exclaims how close they are to finishing their quest. Son Goku credits Bulma with being very braze as they approach the tower. This can be an incredibly daunting challenge, as you will have to survive the entire trip up the tower with a single life, or be forced to repeat several stages.


DBSnN Level14 Outside.png

At the start of the stage, you begin outside of the tower. There appears to be two statues on either side of the door, but these statues will come to life and attack Goku when he gets close to the door. There is a simple way to deal with them. Stay on the left side of the entrance, and line yourself up with the statues. Lanching a single Kame Hame Ha attack will knock both of them out of the way, and provide you with easy access to the door. If you don't have any turtle shells, then you'll have to fight them. Use the same technique of staying a few pixels above them while attacking to avoid taking too much damage in return. When you approach the door, punch it to enter the tower.


DBSnN Level14.png

Naturally, you will start out at the bottom of the tower and work your way up to the top. The following is a floor-by-floor account of the tower.

  • Defeat the two spider-like pod enemies and approach the right door.
  • Krillin
    For no clear reason, Krillin will appear to fight you on the bottom floor of the tower. You can use the same exact technique as before, and push Krillin into one corner or the other, where he will fail to counterattack. A Dragon Ball will be discovered at the end of the fight.
  • Defeat the two purple spinning pod enemies on the second floor and approach the left door.
  • You will encounter a very strong green fighter on the third floor. You can take him on or ignore him entirely. Taking the right door will lead you to the fifth floor, which contains two enemies, and is a dead-end. Instead, climb the staircase to the fourth floor.
  • On the fourth floor, you will encounter a very strong monster. If you decide to attack it, use a Kame Hame Ha attack to remove it immediately. The door to the right leads to a room with six rotating capsules. Collect one and exit the room. Approach the left door to access a cut-scene.
  • Oolong will comment about how strange the tower is, and Bulma will insist that he stop complaining. Goku will remark that Bulma is upset with Oolong. Indeed, taking the left door will advance you from the fourth floor to the sixth floor. You will face a floating enemy which does not die at first, but degrades into a faster enemy before you can defeat it. Aproach the right door.
  • Passage
    By taking the right door, you will enter a passage. It is best to avoid fighting the enemy found inside, and jump over the enemy in order to reach the other side. You will arrive on the seventh floor.
  • On the seventh floor, there is one enemy to fight or ignore. Approach the left door
  • On the eight floor, there is another strong green enemy. Do not fight him if your health is a concern. Approach the right door.
  • Green crabs
    You will find yourself in yet another two-level crab scene. This room is identical to both crab rooms you encountered earlier. Jump over the lower crab and destroy the two right most platform blocks before jumping up to the higher platform. Then time your jump over the second crab and continue to the ninth floor. Although it is unsaid, this will earn you a second Dragon Ball.
  • The only concern on the ninth floor are two bats. Approach the door on the left. Son Goku will appear discouraged, but Bulma will support his efforts.
  • On the tenth floor, you will have to walk across a ledge, and below a floating enemy. Don't bother fighting with it, just walk over to the door on the right.
  • You will find a tough enemy on the eleventh floor, similar to the mini-boss that you fought on the moon. If you position yourself a few pixels above this enemy, you can actually attack it without getting hit. Approach the left door.
  • There are two enemies on the twelfth floor, a floating enemy and a statue. It is recommended that you ignore both of these enemies and approach the right door immediately. You will find yourself in a scene identical to your fight with King Ox. Use the same strategy of jumping over his head and attacking from behind when he is about to throw his ax in your direction. Defeat him to collect the third Dragon Ball. Only one ball remains.
  • On the thirteenth floor, ignore the floating enemy and approach the door to the right.
  • Arriving at the top floor, Bulma will reason that the enemy known as the Shogun is holding the final Dragon Ball. Naturally, Oolong will decide to wait some place safe while Goku calls Oolong a coward. You must fight the Shogun to proceed to the end of the game. Although he looks tough, he is actually no more difficult than any other monk that you have faced. Stand above him and attack downward until he is defeated. Then approach the door above you.
  • Oolong will discover that the Shogun did not possess the Dragon Ball. Bulma will insist that they continue to climb the stairs.


DBSnN Level14 Boss.png

After defeating the Shogun, you will enter a room where the final boss of the tower resides. Although the large robot that you encounter looks very menacing, he is actually not much more difficult than the Metallic Soldier from Goku's Kung-Fu training. The ball and chain that the robot swings cannot hurt you until the robot launches the ball forward. So you should feel confident walking right up to the robot and attacking his knee. You may as well remain there and attack as frequently as possible. The robot will launch the ball in three directions, but only the lower direction can actually hit Goku and it doesn't happen very frequently. Continue to punch the knee as fast as possible until the robot is knocked away. If health is a concern, learn the timing of the ball attack, and back away from the robot before the ball is launched, but do not jump unless the attack is downward.


Once you defeat the giant robot, Bulma will assemble the balls and once again summon the dragon. At that point, you may choose one of the wishes that are made available to you. Press Select button to choose between them, and press Start button to select one. Read the spoiler below to see the wishes and their consequences.

Your wish is granted
The wish selection.
  1. Move Dragon Title: Choosing this wish will cause the Dragon to animate on the title screen of the game. The ending will proceed as normal.
  2. Time Travel: You will jump immediately back to the beginning of the game, being allowed to continue with your current score and power level.
  3. Get Panties: You will get to rewitness the scene where Master Roshi gets to see Bulma's panties, and his nose bleeds. Then the ending will proceed as normal.
  4. Touch Bulma: You will get to rewitness the scene where Oolong transforms into Bulma, and Master Roshi touches Oolong's chest. Then the ending will proceed as normal.