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Dragon Ball: Shenron no Nazo is a linear adventure game. In order to progress through the game, Son Goku must find the route from the beginning of each level to the end. Along the way, Goku must fight (or avoid) the enemies that he encounters. You will spend a majority of the game in an overhead view of the world. In this mode, the control pad will direct Goku in all directions. On occasion, you will enter side-view screens that do not scroll. In this view, only left and right can be used to direct Goku. In many stages, you can find entrances to caves, including many hidden entrances. Inside of these caves, you may find a collection of capsules, or a collection of enemies, or both. One possibility is finding a set of six capsules moving around in a circle. In this situation, touching any one of the capsules will cause all five others to disappear. You will only receive the particular item that was contained by the capsule you selected.

Note about region variations[edit]

The US version of the game, known as Dragon Power, has different names for the chapters from the original version. Those names are contained in parentheses in the table of contents. Additionally, the US version does not contain chapters 7 through 10. You will immediately jump from King Minos to Rabbit Gang 2, regardless of which wish you select. In the original version, you can only skip chapters 7 through 10 by selecting the "Future" wish, but you will lose the benefit of the power boosting wish.